The Fiskars StaySharp Max Reel Mower

Testing-the-Fiskars-Momentum-Mower-Copy.jpgThis review is of the premium StaySharp Max reel mower. There are also two budget models available that have different features. Read a comparison of the three mowers in the Fiskars StaySharp line here.

Lately, I’ve been realizing just how much I hate mowing my lawn with my old gas mower. It’s stinky, it’s noisy, and the vibrations from the mower make my arms feel weird for some time afterwards. And you know how I feel about garden tools that disturb the neighbors.

It was obviously time for a new approach, but when I borrowed a friend’s push mower, it was insultingly hard to use. I mean, mowing should be fun, what with the smell of freshly-cut grass, the birds chirping, and the beautiful surroundings. Yet the traditional mowers make it anything but.

That’s why I was so excited to see that Fiskars had created an updated version of the old-skool push mower, to bring it into the new millennium. If you’ve been reading awhile, you’ll know Fiskars makes a ton of my favorite tools, like this pole pruner, geared hedger, and dandelion weeder. So I was keen to see their take on a push mower, especially once I saw the crazy-good reviews on Amazon.

The best part? When I mowed my lawn, my cats and chickens barely woke from their naps. Usually it’s a four-alarm sprint to hide from the mower monster!

Here are the geeky details:

  • It’s lightweight and easy to push, with an adjustable ergonomic handle
  • A simple adjustable knob changes mowing height from 1″ to a generous 4″ (the highest mowing option of all the mowers that I researched)
  • Has a “floating” blade design so the blades don’t scrape the metal casing, like with other push mowers. This means with good care, the blades need sharpening very, very rarely (every 5-10 years)
  • Reel mowers with their scissor action get a much cleaner cut than rotary mowers, which cut by tearing. No more brown grass tips!
  • Grass clippings were smaller and disbursed into the lawn rather than staying in unattractive clumps on my lawn.
  • Throws cut grass forward, rather than backward onto your shoes or sideways into your garden beds and sidewalk.
  • Optional grass-catcher bag available.

Besides the fact that it’s actually enjoyable to use, my favorite thing about the Fiskars StaySharp Max Mower is that it makes those organic and low-water lawn techniques actually do-able.

For one, mowing your grass high helps reduce weeds and keep the lawn from drying out in summer, because the grass blades shade out weed seedlings and keep lawn roots shaded and cool. Yet the vast majority of mowers top out at a shameful 2.5 inches. It’s no wonder we’re all addicted to Weed ‘N’ Feed. We wouldn’t have nearly the weed problems we do if all mowers had the Max’s 4″ capability.

Then, it’s best to leave the lawn clippings on the lawn, so they can break down and enrich the soil, keeping the lawn roots moist and adding nutrition to the soil. But rotary gas mowers spit out these yucky clumps that don’t seem to break down very gracefully. The way the Max mower sends an airy stream of teeny clippings in front of the mower means that I can hardly see the clippings on the lawn once I finish mowing. Score!

Fiskars Momentum Reel Mower

Update: Fiskars has revamped their mower line with two additional mowers. The StaySharp Max is the top of the line version, and they’ve introduced two “economy” models of mower for budget-minded people.

Read up on the differences between the three mowers here (the premium Max, which I reviewed here, the Plus and the regular version), and check out the reviews on Amazon below to figure out which is the best one for you.

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  1. Sweet, I need one of these! If I don’t win this one I’ll be buying one for sure! Thank you for the review.

  2. I have an old push mower that I got through Freecycle. It’s heavy, the blades won’t stay sharp and isn’t adjustable. The only good thing about it is the noise it makes — it’s almost musical compared to the power mower. I’ve had my eye on the Fiskars mower for a while now. Thanks for confirming that it’s a good choice!

  3. Our mower is supposedly a “really good” mower….yet it always seems to have something wrong with it! I’d love to win a push mower – quieter and easier sound like fabulous upgrades! (Plus, who can beat Fiskars in the garden tool dept?)

  4. Wow, this looks pretty amazing. I’ve got an older push mower, but it’s just hard to use. Thanks for the chance to win this!

  5. Hello! Thank you for making this offer available, and please enter me in the drawing! We use a push mower right now, but it’s a monster to push and while I appreciate the arm workout, I’d love to try something a little more…wieldy.

  6. I’m looking for an excuse to let my 3-year-old push some sharp machinery around near traffic. This sounds like just the opportunity for her!

  7. with all the rain in oregon the lawn grows so quickly! I need to come up with a solution: remove lawn or find a good lawn mower. Maybe this is it?

  8. Gen, Don’t enter me in the drawing, I am lucky enough to also have one! I just wanted to echo what you wrote about how it is great fun to use one of these to mow your lawn.

  9. I too hate the stinky, polluting, fossil-fuel guzzling mower. To add insult to injury, mine isn’t even self-propelled. Mowing wears me out. I need a different mower, and this Fiskars sounds like the ticket.

  10. I love all the features mentioned about Fiskar’s new lawn mower. I have walkways between the rows of my peonies and I hate the way the other lawn mowers throws the cutting into the flower beds and like you say, it leaves ugly clumps! It is definely a BIG plus to have a quieter lawn mower. Yep! Please enter me in the drawing.

  11. This is so exciting! If I had one of these babies I’d mow the lawn myself. I knew there had to be a way to do it without having to mix that oil and gas together or get someone else to do it–and, no noise!!!

  12. I always feel silly getting out my gas mower with the small amount of lawn I have anymore. A push mower would be the absolute best answer!

  13. FIskers! How Humboldt in more ways than one… If I am the lucky winner I will gift this to my daughter, born & raised here, about to move into her first home with a yard to tend.

  14. Gosh, I love random drawings. I hope in this case, the random gods will realize my Myrtletown lawn is in karmic need of some Fiskars love.

  15. This is good news, as my ancient power mower is ready for the steel bin at the recycling center, and I too find the old-fashioned mowers to be disappointing.

  16. I think this wonderful new fangled mower is just the sort of mower I need to start my new life in my new house! YAY to eco friendly and quiet! ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. This sounds like just what I need. I really like their products – I have quite a few of their pruners.

  18. I always promised myself that when I buy my own home, I would only have enough turf to mow in several minutes with a reel pushmower. If I had one of these babies I could have a bigger yard! Fingers crossed… (Great post, Genevieve!)

  19. If this mower can work on Florida’s tough St. Augustine and Bahia grasses, with a soft and sandy base–I’ll be a believer. Make me a believer! I’ll sing Fiskars praises to all who will listen (and even those who won’t). If anyone can do this, it has got to be Fiskars.

  20. OOOHHHH, enter me in this PLEASE!!!! It would be great to win this, especially since I’ve read all of the awesome reviews. Thanks! ๐Ÿ˜€

  21. No need to enter me in the contest either as we own one as well. I just wanted to acknowledge agreement with your review. Great push mower. Very easy to use. We love that we can mow our almost 2 acres (yes…2 acres!) with it and not worry about our toddler son’s safety while he plays along side us. Our neighbors probably think we are a little crazy given the size of our property, but it is a great workout without the noise, pollution and maintenance of a gas mower.

  22. Nice, I just may have to get one of these as I’m in need of an upgrade. I’m actually using the old version of this. Yes, the kind grandpa used to use.

  23. I could really use this as with my MS I am not strong enough to pull the cord to start our gas mower.

  24. Looks good but how does it do with mowing a lawn with dandelions and cat’s ears (false dandelion). I find the reel mower we have does not cut the flower stalks of these two weeds, so I end up cutting by hand or getting out the electric weedeater. I do not use weed and feed but the lawn you mowed looked like it has no weeds.

    • Patty, I mowed a few lawns to test it out, and it chopped the heads off my dandelions with ease. ๐Ÿ™‚ I don’t have cat’s ears, so can’t comment on that.

  25. Growing up, I used to get “car sick” mowing the lawn. When I got the house 26 years ago, I got a push mower and put in small level lawns. The parking strip (required) remains but the lawns are now moss and fern gardens. Cool and green all summer…

  26. I’ve been looking at push mowers because I feel guilty for waking my neighbors with the lawnmower early Sunday mornings! Please include me in the drawing.

  27. Wait — it makes mowing the lawn enjoyable, it does a good job, doesn’t pollute AND it doesn’t wake the chickens?! I want me one!

  28. Oh, I love this! We’ve been borrowing our inlaw’s mower since ours died, and this would be much better than replacing it with another gas powered one!

  29. Excellent! The push mower was certainly ripe for a reboot and it looks like Fiskars has done a bang up job! We have only a wee slice of yard and I’ve been in the market for a push mower on and off for the last few years, but I keep giving up and just cutting the yard with the weed wacker instead. I hope whoever wins the giveaway will post a review of their experience with this product!

  30. I would love this! It would be superb to have something that doesn’t kick up dust here in hot, hot Montgomery, AL. It would also be delightful to be able to mow and listen to podcasts, or — as you mentioned — nature or my own thoughts.
    Thank you for this excellent opportunity!

  31. Boy, my Saturday mornings would be a lot more pleasant with that push mower. Thanks for the review and the opportunity.

  32. As I keep removing more and more lawn, it seems that tossing our gas mower is starting to make more sense! Plus- this mower can save on a gym membership AND keep my neighbors happy! That’s priceless!

  33. I sold my brother-in-law on one of these. He got it for Father’s Day and has been very happy with it since. I’m waiting for my old gas-powered number to die so I can get one of these puppies. Maybe I should leave it out on the front lawn and hope someone steals it.

  34. Put me on the list. I’ve been using the Fiskars loppers, hedge trimmers and pruners you recommended and love using them. My old reel mower got taken apart to have the blade sharpened and I never was able to find all of the parts afterwards….that this mower doesn’t need to have the blades sharpened that frequently sounds like I might need to buy one for next spring.

    • You won’t need to sharpen the blades very often at all with this mower – it’s got a new technology where the blades should stay sharp for 5-10 years. ๐Ÿ™‚

  35. SERIOUSLY crossing my fingers for this one. We have a couple areas that just aren’t accessible with our plug-in electric mower, and our remaining lawn is small enough that this should do the trick nicely!
    BTW, I just love your reviews of products. They feel like an honest piece of advice that flows with the rest of your info, not just an advert. You rock!

  36. It would be great to have an eco-friendly alternative to the electric mower. And the absence of a noisy motor is great for those early morning or late night mows…

  37. Looks like a very decent alternative to a standard US push mower, rotary mowers do chop rather than cut the grass.
    My one concern would be the use of polymer hydrocarbons in certain places in the construction ( examining a detailed photograph of the parts close to the action appears at a minimum to be the chain drive cover and discharge chute) my own experience has been that these materials tend to become increasingly brittle after about 3 years of exposure to UV and as a consequence increasingly subject to both random stress and impact fractures.

  38. This sounds like a wonderful replacement for my cruddy electric! I have a very small lawn, about 25×20 feet, and I’ve never felt like I could justify the cost of a new mower even though mine does indeed tear the grass. Even if I don’t win, I’ll be looking into buying this based on your comments!

  39. I have a ton of grass with a huge mega backyard, like riding- lawn-mower-big, but I’m too cheap to buy a riding lawn mower. So this would be cool to use. From the review, it looks super easy to use. I would love to get one of these. I literally have to refill my lawn mower with gas when I mow my lawn just to finish it because it takes that much time for me to mow it. It’s like a all day event when I mow the lawn. It’s quite the task. Anyway, it’d be cool to win. Cool push mower regardless.

  40. What a wonderful giveaway! I’m in Canada so can’t enter but loved the cool mower vid. Good stuff ๐Ÿ™‚

  41. Couldn’t have said it better myself! From a sensory insult, to a bodily burden, I have felt the same way about the tending of a lawn by mower. Glad to learn there is an alternative – and a great brand name I trust in the garden – Thanks for sharing!

  42. Wow! That looks cool. I used to mow my lawn with an old reel mower. I’d like to try one of these new-fangled things. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  43. I’m not going to call it old fashioned, especially since I like it. So PLEASE enter me into the drawing with all your other readers. Fingers crossed!!

  44. Way to go Fiskars! Didn’t we all have those awful experiences as kids with those old fashioned type of reel mowers? What a vast improvement. My little teeny lawns would love to be munched so neatly with this mower!

  45. I hadn’t ever heard of this, but to be able to mow quietly sounds like a heavenly option!

  46. Great video! Great mower! Great company! If anyone were to make this it would be Fiskars. I have so many of their gardening tools and love them all! This would really be great to have & use.

  47. Wow!!! This mower looks like a lot of fun! Love all the features, and Fiskars is the best! Pick me ๐Ÿ™‚

  48. Love Love Love any Fiskars tool I’ve ever had, gardening or sewing (I just bought a pair of Fiskars scissors today for sewing) I LOVE EM ALL!
    AND I LOVE North Coast Gardening!

  49. How fantastic! I haven’t seen this yet in our local home improvement store. I would LOVE to get my hands on this guy for our lawns!

  50. This looks wonderful! I currently use a battery-powered Neuton, and I like it, but a mower that doesn’t need to be charged would be even better-and those batteries are HEAVY! I tried a reel mower years ago, but had the problem of the blades scraping the sides and dulling quickly. I’d love to try the Fiskars!

  51. This is what we need. We let a man who comes around to do our lawn borrow our mower to help him with jobs in the neighborhood. He would always bring it back but then one day it never came back. We were trying to do a good thing and it back fired on us. So now we need a new mower and this would be perfect.

  52. Wow!! I love it. I hate having to use a gas burning, noisy lawn mower. The new Fiskars sounds great!! Really like the light weight feature. The older I get, the more I would appreciate that.

  53. I have been waiting for several years for DH to get me a reel mower for a birthday or Christmas, but he hasn’t taken my hints (not that he isn’t a GREAT gift-giver — last b-day I got a gallon of Milky Spore!) While I wouldn’t mow our whole 3 acres with a push-mower, the meadow only needs mowing a couple times a year, and a reel mower would be great for the areas we walk, and the places I keep getting the riding mower stuck (oops!)

  54. My Dad used a reel mower and I’ve always loved its simplicity. I’m sure my husband will think me insane for wanting one now but, hey, I’m the one who mows and I’ll use what I want. Thanks for the review!

  55. I have always wanted one of these! I actually priced them a few months ago, but hesitated a bit. I can’t stand gas-powered mowers – the stink, the noise, etc. I dread everytime it is my turn to mow. This would transform the whole lawn thing into something pleasant rather than one of my least favorite gardening activities. I’m crossing my fingers!

  56. Please, oh please? The timing of this give away couldn’t be better! I was holding on desperately to a used mower that I borrowed that just broke down. I have a patch of lawn that I adore rolling a ball through and chasing my little dog around in. It’s not too much lawn because I grow my own food stuff but just enough purposeful lawn for rolling a ball through and chasing my little dog around in. Less than 1/4 of an acre. Actually, I promised myself, and my lawn that if that borrowed mower ever crapped-out on us, I’d check out an alternative mowing source which is how I happened on Fiskar. So, on behalf of my 1/4 acre, my dog Cricket, and my budget, please consider us for the free mower! Please & thank you for your kindness.
    Best, Heather Wheatley

  57. I would love this! I am an avid gardener that enjoys working outside and the sounds of nature. Not to mention that my two small dogs are terrified of a large, loud mower. Thanks for this great opportunity!


  58. We rent a home which has a very small back yard. The landlord left us with a very old, rusty push mower that doesn’t even cut the grass. I have been contemplating buying a electric mower but don’t see the sense of buying something like that to cut a little patch of grass. If I win this mower, I would be so happy!!!!

  59. Gen – We have a 5-acre lawn to keep under control. I’m not crazy enough to propose that we use a push mower to keep all that grass looking great, but we do have sections (between the 40+ mature camellias in their little grove; beneath the live oaks and pecans; and around the pear, crabapple, and quince trees) that are definitely “lawn” but which are very hard to keep trim with the tractor mower. If the Fiskars is as efficient and effective as you describe, it would do this job perfectly – far easier than the process of getting out the rotary push mower, gassing it up, sharpening it, etc. This looks very promising – especially compared to the task of rehabbing the old reel mower (1930’s) I found rusted and dented and tire-less in one of the old sheds! This has been a working farm since the 1830’s, and the homestead has been lovingly cared for with plantings of fascinating flora for those years – one of those camellias has a base 22″ in diameter! – so it would be a joy to continue the history of keeping up with technology that the farm has enjoyed for its nearly-two-centuries of innovation.

  60. That looks wonderful!!!! I just bought a house and was “gifted” a gas mower that is heavy as heck… blows stuff back and up at your face….. hate it…… I will have to look at this one as a replacement to that special “gift”……

  61. I too have been thinking about a push mower to replace my relatively quiet battery- powered one, which will soon need another costly battery. Your review has convinced me it’s the way to go.

  62. I have a old heavy push mower that I sharpen but it doesn’t work too well.
    I have had my heart set on a Friskars (they do have such good tools!) for a couple of years but the economyhas hit us hard like so many others so I figured I would have to wait for years before I could get close to one. What a great machine!

  63. Here’s hoping! This mover would be great for my ‘grass’ (ok,green and weedy) paths between my raised veggie beds. Right now they have to be trimmed with an old gas powered string weed whacker. My poor hubby always looks like he’s been in a battle with that dumb thing by the time he’s through.

  64. I so need one of these and have been thinking about getting one for awhile now, even though it will mean adding the lawn to my chore list. It would be the perfect addition to the ongoing dichotomy of our marriage. He uses a power drill to screw in a screw, I use a screwdriver; he uses the garage door opener to enter and exit the home’ I use the front door and a key; he uses the leaf blower to sweep out the family room, I go the more traditional route and opt for a broom or a dust mop; I ride a Schwinn, he rides a Harley; he plays electric, I play acoustic; he uses an air compressor to pump up the grandkids bike tires, I have demonstrated the hand pump. Ain’t love grand?! And so is that dandy push mower I hope to win. I am so feeling lucky!!!

  65. My husband and I own a small landscape and design company. We are all organic and do maintenance a couple of days a week. We offer a gas free service for a bit more money. No one had taken us up on it but we keep hoping. We have been looking at these mowers and working to save up for one. It is certainly better than the one I use to do our lawn with when I was in grade school : )

  66. Had a push mower, i think by Toro, worked well for two seasons, then the handle snapped and broke. I replaced it with an electric mower, but the extension cord is a major buzzkill. Would love to get back to a push mower!

  67. Over the years we’ve been shrinking the lawn with ground covers and native plants with goal of leaving just enough grass for a push mower to handle. This looks like just the right tool for the job.

  68. I am offering up a prayer to the gods of random that I’ll be the one to win this awesome mower.

  69. My grass gets “knee high by the fourth of July” because i dread the stinky,heavy gas mower! With this sleek beauty I think I might actually enjoy the task and still hear the birds sing.

  70. My dad used to search for push lowers at estate sales over 10 years ago. People were always out looking for a good one to get away from the noise and gas smell of the others. Great to have a new option.

  71. Thanks for the great review. My husband and I were just talking abbot getting a push mower but didn’t know where to start.

  72. This mower sounds wonderful! A great way to get some quiet exercise in the yard.

  73. I so need one of these!
    I just moved into a new house with an amzing garden, yet I knew absolutly nothing about gardening until I found your site. Loving the site! You are defenately helping me keep everything alive and well.
    Thanks so much!

  74. Sign me up! I have a reel mower I’ve used for years, but the blades are set at a standard height and I cannot adjust them. I love the fact that this one adjusts up to 4″.

  75. This is so awesome. I can’t wait to get my hands on a mower that silently cuts my lawn plus throwing the grass forward rather than backwards is a real bonus! Good bye green/gray sneakers!

  76. OMG, I could use one of these. I moved recently and now my gas mower seems ways too much for my little yards. I checked out stores nearby to see who carries it, but I’ll wait to see how this contest goes first!!! Nice giveaway!

  77. This looks like a great way to get some exercise and enjoy the sounds of nature. Fiskars has done it again!

  78. Yes, I want this mower! Then I can mow the lawn in peace during my evening walks around the garden.

  79. I just replaced the blade on my 1980 Jacobson gas powered and it’s still running well but this is the first time we’ve ever lived in town with neighbors. Of course one of them said “we heard you mowing this afternoon”. Apparently in retirement communities it’s a faux pas to mow anytime but 5AM ๐Ÿ™‚ Looks like I need a push version that doesn’t push my back out. Thanks for the review.

  80. That’s a really cool-looking low-tech mower. We have one of the older versions (pre-Fiskars) & it is on its last leg (20 years later). Would love to have this one, especially since it’s from Fiskars. I cannot count the number of compliments I’ve gotten on the power and ease & comfort of use with their pruners, loppers, etc from people who’ve borrowed my equipment. I’m truly sold on their products !

  81. This mower look amazing! My cats and chickens react the same as yours. They hate lawn mowing time. And I could mow later in the evening without disturbing the neighbors.

  82. I would love to have one of those. We just put in a new lawn -on sandy ground- the push mower we bought several years ago is not really great at getting all of the grass cut-the first time, so we switched to a powered mulching mower.

  83. Wow, this sounds like an easy push mower! I can’t stand the smell of gas powered mowers and leaf blowers and who wants to be dodging an electric cord while cutting grass? A strong, well designed push mower like this one would be perfect.

  84. I agree, It would be great for those early morning mowings before it becomes 100 degrees outside but still keep the neighbors happy.

  85. It looks great, finally a push mower I can use! Our old Scotts mower is soooo heavy, its time for an upgrade. Thanks

  86. 4 inches? That’s awesome and much better than the weedwhacker I’m having to use to try and keep the lawn that high.

  87. I’ve wanted one of these when I saw a review of this from you awhile back, and I know it’s a longshot, but it would be wonderful to win one of these!
    Even if I don’t – I’ll talk my boyfriend into getting me one! hehehe. Maybe if I sweeten the deal – like we’ll alternate the mowing [currently I am on dog-duty… -_-;] or I’ll take over altogether!
    I *LOVE* the idea of manual mowers! Plus I can mow pretty much whenver I want!

  88. Push mowers don’t have to be harder than the other kind, as long as you keep up with the chore. I would love to see more people switch. Too many people get some used, rusty antique and decide it’s too hard.

  89. I would absolutely LOVE a mower that I could use while carrying my baby boy on my back. I hope I win! My husband would be stoked to see me out there mowing, too!

  90. I am sure if I win this my husband will be out the door in a flash to mow the lawn. I use Fiskar products for many things in our home and they are always the best.
    Thanks for the review.

  91. We have a tiny lawn, everything else is xeriscape/mediterranean/edibles. I would love to hear myself whistle while mowing with this! Thanks for the chance.

  92. Awesome! I am currently reliant on my landlord to mow my lawn whenever he feels like it (which isn’t often enough). I think he strategically waits until all the weeds drop their seeds before mowing… Cool tool!

  93. I’d be happy to trade up to this mower to end dragging the cord that my electric mower is tethered to. I do use my trimmings for composting (our “lawn” is a mix of grass and legume ground covers) so the catcher would be essential

  94. I would love to have a mower like this. I’ve already reduced the noise factor by using an electric plug-in mower, but I hate having to deal with the extension cord.

  95. Awesome mower looks like to me. I used to push one when I was young in the sixties. Didn’t appreciate them then, it was just something to keep me away from recreating. Recently I worked on a golf course and understand the clean true cut you get with a reel mower. Sign me up!

  96. Excellent mower. Should I win, I could cease being the mower-less grad with a landscape degree who has to outsource her lawn.

  97. Please enter me in this drawing! We have a nice electric mower now (plug in to charge up, and then unplug and mow), but I would LOVE to have an entirely HUMAN-powered mower. Then I can pass the electric on along to my sister and her husband! ๐Ÿ˜€

  98. Love your article and I agree with you 100% on garden tools that are noisy! Having a beautifully mowed lawn is perfect but the gas mower is just horrible in everyway! Theres an acre here so it would be perfect! *crossing fingers!! xoxox Thansk for the opportunity!

  99. Great! I have been wanting one of these. We keep bees and they do not like noisy gas powered monsters.

  100. Thanks for the review! I’ve been eyeing a push mower for awhile, but hadn’t seen one that would let me leave the grass a little longer.

  101. I can’t actually start our mower b/c the physics of it don’t work with the arthritis in my shoulder. This however would allow me to take back the lawn from the manmate. Plus I just love the idea of it. Pick me, pick me! Please?!

  102. I have wanted on of these forever. I am a chicken in using power tools. I would feel comfortable using this. I like how they are easier to use than the older models were.

  103. I so miss my manual reel mower, I wore it completely out mowing our large yard…very meditative, loved the process, the sound…Would love to have a brand spanking new one! Thanks so much for the opportunity!

  104. Been looking at this all summer. So glad to see it gets great reviews. A must have for ever-shrinking lawn.

  105. I want this mower. I want to grind up leaves this fall quietly and without spewing exhaust.

  106. This looks great! I “messed around” with one when I was much younger. I say that because it was too bulky and impractical to use consistently, so it was never more than a novelty. This looks actually doable. You’ve got my hopes up!

  107. Right now my lawn is too large for a reel mower – but I’m working on it! I would love one, thanks.

  108. This reel mower sounds great for my lawn care! I wanted to use a reel mower but until now couldn’t find one that sounded effective for good lawn care. I’m hoping to win this one!

  109. I have been wanting a good-old-fashioned push mower for quite some time now and this looks like the best one so far! I was offered a spare mower by my landlord, but told him I wasn’t interested in dealing with gas, sparkplugs, etc. I want something simple, quiet, and good for the environment.
    I would really, REALLY love to have this mower! Thanks! ๐Ÿ™‚

  110. These look really awesome. Much better than other reel types. I’d love to get one of these for the exercise, and the noise savings! I mow about 6 feet from my neighbor’s bedroom window. He works third shift and sleeps during the day, so I always feel bad that I’m probably waking him up.

  111. I need one of these! At nearly 40 yrs old I’ve not learned how to start a conventional mower (my hubby does the mowing). I think the machines require too much maintenance & are too noisy. Plus it irks me when people mow in flip flops (too dangerous). And since my HOA won’t allow more natural lawn mowers (goats & sheep) this would be great! Plus I love fiskars pruners so I bet this would be fantastic!

  112. You did a great job on your video. I saw this mower demonstrated at the GWA Symposium a couple of years ago, and it did great on level ground. But my lawn slopes and has all sorts of bumps and dips in it–pretty typical for a rural lawn. I wonder how it would do on what is essentially a cropped meadow.

  113. I would love to win this lawnmower. I have wanted to buy one for a while now. I would even help my husband mow!!

  114. 2011 has been year of change for my family and this would be the icing on the cake! Through recycling and vermicomposting we have reduced our kitchen garbage can to a 4 gallon size. We have been buying local produce and even started growing a few things ourselves. My current mower is over 12 years old, smokes and stinks when I start it. Maybe a couple of rain barrels and this new mower would certainly top off this wonderful year of change for us!

  115. I used to have an old push mower to mow my lawn,Loved it!(My wife thought I was nuts)I’d get a nice workout while getting the grass cut.I’ve been using my gas one now because one day I went into the house to get a glass of water,I leaned the mower against the fire hydrant in front of the house.While in the house my sister called and I chatted with her for aboyt 6or7 min.when I went out to finish the front part of my lawn the mower was gone!!Someone must’ve thought I put it out to the curb free for the taking I guess?Or a scrap metal person snagged it I don’t know.Can’t afford a new one! I’ve been looking at garage sales but haven’t come across any yet.

  116. I’d like to be able to use one of these. I’m on oxygen 24/7 so getting away from fumes would be a good thang….;) And it would still get me outside to exercise which is what my body needs too. Thanks for the opportunity to win one!

  117. After spending a frustrating evening trying to fix sprinklers because of my gas powered mower, I would love to ditch the gas powered behemouth! Nothing makes me happier than mowing my lawn, but I would love to start with making my mower more Eco friendly!

  118. Have had my eye on one of these for awhile now…high up on the wish list in our slowly evolving plan to become more self-sufficient, off the grid, homesteady on our ‘big’ yard in our little city!
    Thanks for this oppourtunity ๐Ÿ™‚

  119. Today I was up at 5:30. With one of these, I could be out mowing by six am and not worry about waking the neighbors!

  120. Having a reel mower would surely allow me to get the yard cut early when it’s cooler and not awake Saturday sleepers!

  121. Even though I currently use an electric mower which is pretty quiet compared to the neighbors gas mowers, I would love one of these so I can get out at the break of dawn to mow instead of having to wait until 9am due to HOA bylaws. With the summer we’ve had, it was already unbearably hot by 9am!

  122. Absolutely fantastic idea!!
    A quiet mower that won’t wake the world!
    I want one, I need one!


  123. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to have one of these! I am so tired of my push mower – one problem after another I have with it. This would be perfect!

  124. Sunday mornings are often the only time I get to mow the lawn, and even though I have an electric mower which is fairly quiet, I’ve been wanting a push mower so as not to disturb my very close neighbors. This mower looks great!

  125. Thanks for the review & the video! Looked like you were having way too much fun! ๐Ÿ™‚

    I’d love to upgrade from my current ‘Franken-mower’ (body of one, engine of another & handle off a third). Yes, the vibrations it sends out are NOT therapeutic, the ear muffs barely block the roar & the gas fumes beat out the sweet scent of the flowers.

  126. Wow, with this mower, I might actually MOW the lawn and not just make my husband take care of it!

  127. What an awesome product! My husband and I just bought our first house and had resigned ourselves to buying a gas mower because a basic push mower would not be an efficient use of our time, our yard is not huge but it is not super small either so I think this might be a great solution! And far better than my procrastination technique of offering to trim it with pruning shears while I came up with a viable alternative to a regular mower!

  128. This looks like even a 65 year old could use it! I’m in pretty good health and would love to try a quiet mowing experience. When I mow, I have the most trouble lifting the heavy gas can or going back and forth to fill up the little one.

  129. I’m in the market for my very first home, and this mower would be a great house-warming gift! Please count me in for the drawing! ๐Ÿ™‚

  130. I would love to have a new reel mower. I bought an old dinosaur at a garage sale and it really doesn’t work.

  131. Finally a push mower that works. I purchased a push mower three years ago. the typical kind but new. It did not work. I took it to be sharpened and was told that it was sharp. It was just too lightweight and was built like the mowers of my childhood but not as well. I want one.

  132. I wold LOVE a push mower! Great exercise, no gas to buy! I’ve been turning our 1 acre lawn into gardens, and soon, will only need to mow very small grass strips! Thank you for sharing!

  133. This mower sounds perfect! Fiskars tools are always to well thought out and ergonomically designed. We need a new mower and I’ll never convince my husband to buy a human-powered mower, but even he can’t argue with free! I sure do hope we win!

  134. We are about to plant a small desert lawn to help cool our patio/house and to minimize dust. A Fiskars push mower is a great idea. I have used Fiskars tools in our garden, kitchen and sewing room for years. Well designed, light weight and they hold their edge.

  135. Thanks for the review. I’m looking into human powered mowers and this Fiskars mower seems perfect!

  136. Ooooh! Enter me please Gen! I just got done mowing with my (seriously) “vintage” push mower – it’s everything you say… and MORE ๐Ÿ˜›

    Also, I need another consult! You’re the best! ๐Ÿ™‚

  137. We recently bought a house in a nice quiet neighborhood. I’ve looked very seriously at all the reviews on Amazon for a while and was very close to buying it.. Though a free one would always be better. ๐Ÿ™‚

  138. I would love such a great mower. I live in a flat in SF and three homes share the backyard. As of now there is a small grass patch that surrounds some vegetable planters and so far my method of mowing has been cutting the grass with scissors believe it or not – and I’m a Master gardener, haha! A power mower would be too loud for the neighbors but I think but a Fiskars Momentum Reel Mower would be an amazing and healthy solution! Thanks for having the contest.

  139. Love it that you’re supporting eco-friendly mowing!! Plus, I would love to have one to mow my small lawn.

  140. I’ve been wanting to try one of these and it’s just not in the budget. Thanks for the info!

  141. I would love to give this a try! (LOL…how cool that there is another Boggs commenter right above me – you don’t see too many of those! :D)

  142. I use a lesser-quality reel mower right now. It’s just about on its last legs/wheels.
    I’ve been pampering it along these past few years, though it certainly doesn’t pamper me in return! The smallest twig in the grass will SLAM me to a stop – I try to find the balance between getting enough momentum to actually cut the grass, and preserve my rotator cuffs.

    Loved your review – hope I’m the lucky one!

  143. Enter me please. I have been debating between a push mower and electric for a couple weeks now since my gas mower died. I also hated that gas mower so I have been weed-whacking my lawn the last 2 weeks because I was having trouble deciding what to upgrade it to.

  144. I love my yard sale found reel mower, but I bet with this very nice fiskars I could convince my husband to leave behind the gas mower for good!

  145. All of the above…..I’ve been thinking about getting a “push” mower for our little half-acre of paradise but husband thinks I’m “nuts”. Since I do all the yardwork, I think I deserve to get one of these wonders…..don’t you?

  146. Like many others, I, too, had tried an older reel mower and felt frustrated by the unwieldiness and plain difficulty of mowing. I can’t wait to check this one out.

  147. I’m so glad to see that there’s an updated push mower! We’re planning on moving to a small farm within the next year, and our goal is to shift away from all things gas-powered. (Horses instead of tractors. Broadforks instead of rototillers. Etc.) This would be a huge help for us! I’m keeping my fingers crossed!

  148. no motor mowers! no motor mowers! This one would change my life. It also would have prevented my poor brother, who used an old-school push mower for YEARS, from suffering the perplexed stares of neighbor kids who thought a lawn mower had to have a seat to function properly…

  149. I have love Fiskars since I bought my first pair of shears in 1975. They’re still going strong, and now, given the choice, I’ll always pick a Fiskars product for my gardening tools. Maybe if I win a Fiskars mower, I’ll become a grass-mowing maven! Whether I win or not, I’m just glad they’ve made another great product!

  150. Luv the idea!!! I deal with enough loud noises at work and would welcome a little solitude when I mow. Definitely make my outdoor “work” (which I LOVE ๐Ÿ™‚ more thereaputic!!!

  151. me, me, me – I want it! Seriously, I mow my lawn in only 12-15 minutes with a gas engine machine but I’m tired of the noise! I’d be happy to spend more time at it if this new reel mower really works!

  152. If you can wean me from my power mower which I use to mow my field to control the blackberries, more power to you.

  153. Somehow I stumbled across your blog looking for pics of alternative grass seed (we just planted some Fleur de Lawn). So glad I did, because we’re in the market for a new lawn mower too!

  154. Oh take me back to being 9 years old in the 1950’s when I had to use a reel mower to mow lawns. I miss them – and Fiskars is quality!

  155. I could use a mower like that! I’ll send you pics of my beautifully moved lawn and tell you how much weight it makes me lose.

  156. When we moved into our house last summer, we got a rotary mower. My David loves it, but it’s a bit too tough for little ol me to push around. If this one is easier, I’d be thrilled to pass ours on to a friend if we won!

  157. This is awesome because literally my gas can is empty because I can barely afford the gas in my car! times are hard so having a mower like this means I can mow anytime anywhere instead of waiting until I can pick up some gas. Love.

  158. I just planted my back yard and included a grass lawn. I stumbled on your article and I am sold. You gave such great, detailed information that even if I “don’t get lucky” I will definitely try to get one. I thank you for your time and energy in giving us such great information.


    Lu Anne

  159. I have mowed lawns for years and this product is just what I needed. I am so glad to know that you are spreading the word on how great this mower is.

    Keep up the great job!!!


  160. Oooooh-ahhhh! I’ve seen this adorable push mower in person, and she/he is a beauty. I would love to have this mower, since our old one is impossible to start and a pain in the neck to push. But with this wonderful mower, I would even welcome the chance to cut the grass myself. Just don’t tell my husband. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Teresa

  161. I don’t like my gas mower but tried using a neighbor’s push mower once and it was really difficult. I regretting making the decision not to buy myself one, after struggling with hers. I’d really like to use one that works as well as this sounds!

  162. Yay! I really want one of these mowers, oh wait, I really Need one- and I have 3 good reasons:
    1. The guys that I work with think that gas-powered at 8 a.m. is the best way to go. I have got to prove them wrong…
    2. My sweet hubby keeps hogging our loud, riding, gas-powered lawnmower by hiding the keys from me. And finally #3… I mostly need because its an excellent way to “get my workout on” while listening to my ipod. Cardio and Reel Mowers are great friends. I have 2 acres of grass. Thank you Fiskars! and of course, Genevieve.. ๐Ÿ™‚

  163. Would love to win this, for the simple fact that both our lawn mowers are currently “dead” and using a weed eater on wheels is brutal. Can’t keep the thing even to make the yard look decent ๐Ÿ™

  164. It not only looks high tech but has all the basics and then some. Some of the conventional gas and electric mowers could take some lessons from this Beauty!!

  165. I used to use a push lawn mower when I lived back home in Boston. I love that the Fiskars version has a plastic safety guard to keep the user safe from kick back of rocks or other such dangerous debris. Great design improvement!

  166. I have been preaching green practices for years. Now it’s time to put it into practice and set a good example. Fiskars is a great company and this mower would send the right message.

  167. Awesome, I have been wanting one of these, I remember my Dad mowing the lawn with one similar.

  168. My husband and I have used a push mower for the last 20 years, but the Fiskars looks to be much higher quality. We’ll keep pushing till we can’t do it anymore, but would love to have a Fiskar!

  169. I’ve been looking for something like this for a long time. It’s perfect for my needs and yard.

  170. I am purchasing a home! My life has been a series of “beginnings” recently and the home I have bought has a beautiful front and back yard, both with lawns to maintain. I can not think of a better way to keep my property beautiful then pushing a lawn mower under my own power. I don’t need to offend new neighbors with the sounds of an annoying motor and sputter of a machine! Plus, I won’t be able to afford the gas or a professional gardner with the mortgage I am about to start paying! I have several Fiskars scissors products – so the mower will feel right at home! My new home.. Yay!

  171. Thank you for shaing this. I love the design and functionality. I live in a town home and need a new manual mower.

  172. My teenage sin has been in charge of lawnmowing for several years. When he was gone recently I made an attempt to use our push mower – and in my hands it felt like a whole lot of push for a little mowing! I know Fiskars makes great tools. It’s definitely time for a new mower here.

  173. I have a wonderful yard that could use the help of this dandy little mower with me behind it!! please pick me!!

  174. Good luck me!!

    Mums birthday next week this would be the best present to replace the cruddy one she has!

    Happy Bank Holiday Everyone

  175. oh oh pick me, pick meeeeeeee! I have been wanting to get one of these! I only have two small areas of grass on my property and it makes no sense to even buy a full size- motorized mower. This Fiskar Momentum Reel Mower would be perfect!

  176. Could really use a mower! Especially one like this. I certainly have my fingers crossed and my toes ๐Ÿ™‚

    Thank you….Carolyn

  177. I LOVE it! I’ve wanted a push mower for a small space for a long time, and this one looks really terrific!

  178. I would live to win this. We are closing on our first home TODAY and we need a mower! This would be perfect for our small patches of grass!

  179. WOW!! A blast from the past to be nade rejuvinated to be right out of the twentieth century. This is exactely what I used when I was a kid growing up in NY. Thanks for bringing the past back. I would love to use one again. Joyce P.

  180. I need it!! My hubby won’t let me use the riding mower due to an incident I had running into the kids playset years ago. I want to mow! Give it to me and the lawn will be done by the time he gets home from work!! It’ll put his riding mower out of commission!

  181. Now that we live in a place with a smaller lawn, one of these mowers would be great!

  182. I have to keep a lawn right now for my baseball-lovin’ boys to play on, plus our large dog. So, yes, I would love one of these!

  183. I grew up pushing the old fashioned types around. It would be so great to use a new updated One! Plus it would be lighter to carry up my backyard stairs than my full size mower!!!

  184. Awesome! I think this is just what my husband needs to get a little more physical activity into his normal routine!

  185. I converted to an old push mower when I started mowing the lawn of the foreclosed house down the street, and having to put a mower in my car to go mow my mother’s lawn regularly. Unfortunately my mower is an oldie, as in heavy, but it’s better than the massive gas mower I used to use. Would love to try the Fiskars Mower!

  186. We need a new “teen-powered” mower badly. Our old push (non-power) mower is on it’s last legs. We don’t want a gas or electric mower for obvious reasons (noise pollution, air pollution, and other environmental reasons) and need to purchase a new mower soon. We bought this big house and moved our daughter, son-in-law and 4 kids (three 13 yr olds and a 15 yr old) in with us almost 5 years ago. Since then I have become disabled, my daughter was laid off and my husband was laid off…we get by ok, but it seems like there is always something to buy for the house or yard. The kids take turns with the household chores and the push mower has become a bit of a thorn in their sides…we get it sharpened every year and this year it seems we will have to recycle it…please pick us!

  187. I walk the dog, my husband mows the lawn. Who’s the one out of shape? Hubby. We have a large lawn but the loud gas guzzler dies all the work. Would not o ly be enviornmentally great gor our family but get “daddy” back into good health:)
    Love it!

  188. I would love one of these mowers! quiet, conserve energy, good for the environment. I have a clothesline, a large garden and a couple of good size compost bins. I am trying to do my part to conserve energy.

  189. My wife had been talking about getting a real mower for years. I think it us time. Thanks for the review.

  190. Whoo hoo… exercise and environmental too! Can’t wait to win it! =)
    Thanks for the chance to try… Cheers!

  191. My wife and I have been talking about reel mowers for years. We have almost 8000sg ft of lawn and this would add to our workout. Thanks fo the review. Charlie Vancouver Wa.

  192. Whoa – super cool. I’ve been wanting one of these since a condo mate bought a simple one – this one looks awesome. I’d be the envy of the neighborhood.

  193. As someone who is newly disabled due to a horrific accident at work, this is the first mower that I’ve seen that makes me feel like I could actually accomplish some yard work, and in an earth friendly manner to boot. I would love to see if this mower can get me back in the yard!!

  194. I only have small patches of lawn left…garden beds keep encroaching on them! I cannot start my gas mower without messing up my shoulder anymore. Have always loved push mowers….

  195. The idea of not having to resharpen the blades on the reels for a longer period is a big plus since it usually has to be done professionally for half to three quarter the cost of a manual reel mower itself.
    Have looked at these new mowers and they look very appealing in spite of some minor drawbacks.
    I have been mowing a postage stamp size lawn with a manual reel mower for years and the key to ease of mowing is keeping the moving parts well lubricated, the blades razor sharp and properly adjusted and mowing frequently.
    My current mower is a commercial front tine adjustable and works great for cutting over the lawn border edge

  196. Please please do not buy this piece of… ok – gardening, if you are not sure you don’t have a single small stone (pebble, bottle lid, etc.) somewhere in your lawn! This tool has been made for astroturf cutting straight after manufacturing not for real lawns! Blades are bending and need to be adjusted and sharpened after every single obstacle on your lawn! If you try to contact Fiskars representatives they will send you to – Youtube! Not a particular maintenance place, but …this 200pounds worth piece of crap has to be maintained according to any youtube video. Never buy this if you do not have a couple of slaves checking your lawn inch by inch before mowing!