The Fiskars UpRoot Weeder: An Organic Way of Getting Dandelions Out of Your Lawn and Garden

chickens helping

When I heard about this tool, I knew I had to have one. As an organic gardener, I find it extremely hard to keep dandelions out of the lawn.

The herbicides that can be used in lawns are so nasty that I can’t bring myself to use them. But the constant up and down, bending and kneeling that hand-weeding requires makes my 32-year-old knees want to cry.

Enter the Fiskars UpRoot Weeder. A tool that gets dandelions and other tap-rooted weeds out easily, with no kneeling required? I am SO THERE.

After Amy and I tested the UpRoot in her garden, I wanted to test the UpRoot more extensively, in an actual lawn. Lawns can be so compacted, and I wasn’t sure that the UpRoot would be able to handle the hard soil and roots involved. So we went over to the vacant lot near Amy’s place to give the UpRoot a real challenge:

off into the sunsetAs you can see in the video, it worked great! The UpRoot got lengths of taproot that I can only dream of when weeding by hand.

I am so impressed with this thing, and it’s addictive to use. I’ve brought it along in my truck everywhere I go for the last few weeks so I can show it off and catch up on dandelion removal at all of my clients’ gardens.

If you’d like to try a Fiskars UpRoot Weeder, Fiskars has two of them up for grabs! Comment here and at Garden Rant to win.

Susan in the Pink Hat has won! Congrats, Susan. Enjoy your new UpRoot Weeder!

And if you’d like to connect with the kind folks at Fiskars, you can check out their Facebook Page and Twitter Stream.


29 responses to “The Fiskars UpRoot Weeder: An Organic Way of Getting Dandelions Out of Your Lawn and Garden”

  1. I would love to win this since I also have an organic lawn and don’t use pesticides. So far my system is just to pick the yellow flowers of the dandelions! And that includes an awful lot of “up and down” action.

  2. i would love to have one of these so that my 13 year old can take out her middle school angst on my dandelions!

  3. I’m an organic gardener, too, and I’ve been gardening for over 30 years. I would love to have this tool. I live in Colorado, and have a lot of heavy clay–if the UpRoot can pull dandelions here, it will work anywhere. This would be a great test site.

  4. Hi Gen!

    I have never heard of this tool! Just the idea of not having to bend down as much to weed sounds WONDERFUL! Thanks for telling us about this product. Hmm, this would make a great gift too.

    Happy gardening!


  5. I didn’t even know such a thing existed. Goodness, we could use this here at Our Little Acre! We’ve got an acre of dandelions and don’t want to use chemicals to remove them. They seem to love our heavy clay and a tool like this would be WONDERFUL!!

  6. Once again, you are having too much fun with your tool demonstrations! I’d love to have this in my arsenal of weed removers and make my work fun, too! Thanks for the chance!

  7. the yard in our new house is crazy with dandelions. i feel like i will never be able to get them under control! a new tool like this would be awesome!

  8. There’s nothing more gratifying than pulling up a dandelion and getting a long, deep taproot! I can’t wait to try one!

  9. Seriously, I need to get my hands on this weapon of dandelion destruction. The second vid is FTW. It reminds me a lot of a supped-up version of the old fashioned grandpa’s weeder thingy I’ve considered. It looks vicious!

  10. Oh, I had one of these before we made our big move from Massacchusetts to Washington state, but somehow it got lost in the move. Would love to have another, it worked great!

  11. Oh, I’ve been looking for one of these! It’s so much better than the Grandpa’s Weeders that are popular around here. I haven’t been able to bring myself to pick up one of those industrial strength weed wrenches yet but this looks close. With the scots broom, dandelions and thistle around here I really need one!

  12. I really think the two of you should do many more gardening videos. Love the hen helpers. This tool would be great for my “clay and dandelion” lawn.

  13. So I’m wondering what this tool could do with creeping buttercup[Ranunculus repens] My lawn has more of this than blades of grass.

  14. I am dreaming of pulling up my weeds and then shooting them Rambo style. What great fun! I almost can’t wait for the dandelions to grow now!

  15. I have a non-Fiskars version that is
    a. Not as tall (still requires bending for this over-six-footer)
    b. Not as heavy duty
    c. Not as grippy with taproots

    The real proof is to return to the yard in two months and see what has come back. After last year’s complete rounds I was discouraged and just pulled flower heads. I’m impressed with the amount of taproot the Fiskars brings up and I’d love to see what it can do with plantains.

  16. I would love to have one of these to prove to my husband that something can work as well as chemicals!

  17. That looks like a fun tool. I have plenty of dandelions to use it on, and two teenagers who have been reluctant when it comes to yard work (other than picking strawberries and snow peas). This might be the tool that inspires them to take up weeding.

  18. Good fit for my place as I also try to reach every weed within my arm’s radius for each time I bend my knees, and I rarely get out that much root. Looks like a great garden tool.