Video Review of the Fiskars Pruning Stik, My Favorite Pole Pruner

Lightweight’s the name of the game for this pole pruner. I’ve been using these Fiskars Pruning Stiks for many years in my landscaping business and have not yet broken or had to retire one.

Many pole pruners fail because they try to do too much – they have a saw, a lopper, they extend, and thus they are heavy as sin and impossible to use for any length of time.

Maybe you’ve seen these pole pruner monstrosities – with a rope or chain looping from stick to lopper blade (ever get that rope caught in a branch that’s too tall to get to? UNCOOL, dudes.) and a saw that is difficult to maneuver at best and is asking for it at worst (try making a proper pruning cut from ten feet below – better yet, try guiding that branch to land someplace besides your head when you’re standing below it to prune!).

This is why I like the Pruning Stik. The rope that pulls the blade closed is encased in the pole itself, so it never gets caught in trees, it cuts branches up to 1.25 inches in diameter with ease (larger if it’s soft wood), and it’s lightweight and so easy to adjust that I can prune with it for hours without getting too tired. It weighs less than two pounds!

If you have vines, small trees or shrubs that need seasonal touchup, apple trees where you want to shorten last year’s shoots to encourage more fruit – anything where you’re pruning smallish branches for an extended period of time – pick up this Pruning Stik and save your body some stress.

Check it out below:


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12 responses to “Video Review of the Fiskars Pruning Stik, My Favorite Pole Pruner”

  1. Huh. My partner suggested Flash crashing might cause this problem. Thanks for letting me know Monica and I’ll look into it! It’s working for me right now.

  2. Hi!! Looks good. Does it telescope? And how long is it?

    What I am having trouble finding is a good water wand with a soft flow and a good hand watering device to add to the hose. My favorite Gardenas seem to be all discontinued products. And the cold spell trashed two of mine.

  3. Cindy, what do you think of all the various Dramm water wands? Do they hold up for you?

    The pruning stik doesn’t telescope, which is great because it keeps the weight of it down. It’s about 5′ I think? But you can pull from the middle or the knob on the bottom, so it “telescopes” in that way.

    • Hi Kathy! Not very often, frankly. Maybe twice a year? They seem to stay sharp for a while and they are much harder metal to sharpen, so once it’s done it seems to stay good for a while. Great question!

  4. Can you point me in the right direction on how to re tie the string as mine has snapped been searching to find out how to do it with no luck yet.

    Thank in advance


  5. I have a power stroke pole trimmer.

    How do you attach the saw blade? It slips over the handle with a bolt & nut but dosent clear the trimmer head.