The GroundHog Rake: A Video Review, and Why I Love it for Mulching

This time of year, I’m adding a fresh layer of bark mulch to many of my gardens to hold moisture in and keep the weeds down. Right now it’s especially easy to do because the plants are still small from winter dormancy, so I can spread it out without having to bend and wiggle to tuck mulch in between all the crazy exuberant perennials.

If you’ve ever spread mulch, compost or topsoil with a regular iron bow rake, you know it can be a tiring job, with a lot of stooping and leaning involved. My employees can tell you all about it.  🙂

You wouldn’t think a curved head and a different angle would make that much difference, but the head on the GroundHog Rake totally “grips” the mulch – I can’t think of a better way to describe it – and the angle on the head allows you to stand up straight while raking, which both keeps the pressure off your back AND makes you look slimmer (which means more Ben and Jerry’s, right? or is that just my excuse?).

I ended up having to replace all my old rakes with the GroundHog if I ever wanted to use it, because my employees all seemed to be faster than me at getting to the “good rake”. If you’re moving soil, adding mulch, or spreading compost, this is definitely the tool for you.

(The makers of this rake will have you believe that the green one (The Garden Shark) is actually the rake for mulching. They are on crack. The orange one with its long, straight tines holds way more mulch and doesn’t get tangled in roots like the green one does. The green one wins the lawn de-thatching contest and that is all.)

Check out the GroundHog in action:

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4 responses to “The GroundHog Rake: A Video Review, and Why I Love it for Mulching”

  1. Got me again, Gen! I just ordered one. I’ve been on the fence about it since you talked about it last year and decided to just do it now. I love the idea of being able to stand up straight while raking. I’m beginning to wonder if there is any product you’ve recommended that I HAVEN’T purchased. I will say though, that your favorites have quickly become my favorites! Especially the Bahco pruners, which I bought for my mom and sister-in-law for Christmas and now they love theirs too!

  2. Erin, I am so happy to hear that! I have just loved my rake…

    And wow! I am so stoked to hear I am helping to spread the Bahco love! I’ve given my pair of ergonomic Felcos (8’s I think?) and a pair of Bahcos to each of my employees when they started working with me, and every one of them has tried them out and chosen the Bahcos. This company seriously needs a better distribution channel because I think the reason they aren’t better known is that folks don’t see them for sale at their local nursery and get to try them.

    Anyway, enjoy your rake, and if you bought it from my shop, remember there’s a one-year guarantee on them in case it isn’t just right for you. I want you to be happy!