Fiskars UpRoot Weeder: Armed and Dangerous (to Dandelions)

Tools have all kinds of personalities. There are the delightfully snooty British ones which make me feel like I ought to bring my good china out into the garden and wear a floral hat while digging. And the sturdy Japanese ones which transport me to ancient times and make me feel like a noble samurai-type person nipping away at my bonsai.

The Fiskars Uproot Weeder? It’s like the assault rifle of the gardening world. The lock-and-load sound it makes when you eject the weed and get ready for another round of battle is wicked awesome. I’m too wussy for a tattoo and piercings, so this weeder’s the closest I’m going to get to being a badass.

Want to see it in action? Amy Stewart and I made these videos last year when we first tested them out:

Mine’s still rockin’ out, pulling up dandelions with ease. I mean, don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I object to dandelions in a general sense, it’s just I like them better in my salad than in my lawn, and the UpRoot Weeder gets even the longest taproots out with shocking ease.

Have a surly teenager in the house who needs some fresh air? Send them out with this thing. They’ll still act grouchy about it, but you’ll know they’re secretly enjoying themselves out there.

Want to try one? Fiskars has been kind enough to offer up an UpRoot to one lucky reader! Just leave a comment for your chance to win, and I’ll pull a winner at random on May 9th. US only. UPDATE: Travis has won! Congrats, Travis!

And for a second chance to win, head on over to Garden Rant where Amy is giving one away as well.

68 responses to “Fiskars UpRoot Weeder: Armed and Dangerous (to Dandelions)”

  1. I am so glad I stopped by your blog today before going to work – I need one of these desperately as I try to salvage a garden gone to weeds! It looks great.

  2. I really would love one of those! I get down on my knees to get those bad boys and it gets harder and harde every year.

  3. I’m impressed that this tool actually pops out (most) of the tap roots. I’ve tried many that were a waste of time and money as they don’t get to the “root of the evil” and leave big divets in the lawn.

  4. Oh my gosh! This is the coolest thing I have ever seen for getting rid of weeds. Last year we were over run with thistle from a vacant property next to us. I didn’t want to use chemicals so I tried to pull them all…. it didn’t work. I soooo need this tool!

  5. We want it!!!! My wife has had four surgeries on her lower back, and this would be a dream come true. I just want it because it looks like fun to use. ๐Ÿ™‚ My neighbors want me to have it, because I refuse to use chemicals to kill my dandelions, and it is murdering their beautiful lawn. har!

  6. After more than 6 hours pulling dandelions this year, my knees would REALLY appreciate one of these for next time! Count me in! ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. You don’t want to know how many dandelions I have in my yard. My daughter loves to blow the seeds, and I just can’t tell her no. Please, please pick me!!!!

  8. The neighbor’s dandelions are invading my yard and garden. This looks like the perfect solution to my aching back!

  9. OMWord…really? We just planted new lawn last year and it looks shamazing, but the fence blew down to our neighbors and they are COVERED in dandelions – what a nice neighborly thing I could do in loaning them this perfect piece of equipment ๐Ÿ˜‰

  10. Great fun video’s! Ok, this is a tool we will need several of. We’re moving into a start-up ecovillage and the plan this year is to get the village farmland going and growing. These fields have been in pasture for years, I can only imagine the deeeeep tap roots we will be contending with there!

    Again, thanks for offering these terrific giveaways!

  11. It’s not just the dandelions. I have new, insidious, previously-unseen weeds, some with taproots, some with fibrous roots. I can’t dig up the lawn and replace it with other stuff (roses, irises, non-Kentucky-bluegrasses) fast enough to outpace them. Like Mary above, other upright weeders are a waste of time.

  12. Too many dandelions for me to even spend time on in my yard, but the yard in town that I landscape could sure use these…

  13. Oooo. You’ve sold me on it. I was considering one from Johnny’s Seed company but wasn’t sure it worked. But you guys look to be having so much fun.

  14. no weeds in grass + ungrouchy adolescent + no more nagging from Mr. Why-Don’t-You-Just-Use-Round-up = One Happy Mother! (as in, ‘that’s one mother of a weeder!’)

  15. “Weirdly fun” weeding sounds like just the thing! Thanks for the great giveaways :).

  16. Yes, fantastic. This would certainly save our yard being “Round-upped” by our neighbor who is somewhat over-zealous about potential dandelion seeds. . .What a great-sounding tool!

  17. Yes, fantastic. This would certainly save our yard being “Round-upped” by our neighbor who is somewhat over-zealous about potential dandelion seeds. . .What a great-sounding tool!

  18. Wonder how this would work with Canadian Thistles, the bane of my existence?

  19. Wonder how this would do with Candian thistles, the bane of my existence?

  20. I would love to get my hands on a Fiskars Weed Uprooter and go after the multitudes of enemies sprouting up in my yard as I type.

  21. Roses are red,
    Violets are blue,
    Dandelions are bright yellow,
    But are pests to me and you.

  22. I am one of those grandma gardeners who sits to weed the lawn, and gets into pulling all sorts of things by hand with a long dandilion fork. Unfortunately, the repetitive motion after all this time is giving me tendonitis. But I have utterly conquered dandilions in my small lawns.

    The comment about regeneration from roots is true, however, it is not as discouragingly hopeless as it sounds. They take a while to regenerate and if you keep pulling them, they weaken and die relatively quickly, so that on a small lawn you can confidently conquer dandilions. Especially if you pull in spring before they set seed, and again in fall, use of corn gluten can prevent new seedlings from getting started while it gives your lawn a nitrogen boost. It works!

    Please add me to your drawing!!!

  23. This is exactly what I need. I’ve got my fingers crossed you’ll pick me.

  24. If I don’t win one, I may just pony up & buy one. This is the first ray of hope I have seen for my lawn in a while!

  25. Holy Moses, what an amazing tool! My yard is practically all dandelions at this point but this just might turn the tide. Plus, it looks way safer than a flamethrower and not nearly as messy as a goat. You should probably mention that in the videos. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  26. I have many, many thistles in the yard that are just begging for this. Please pick me.

  27. No need to pick me, Gen, since I bought one last year after seeing your video review.

    I just want to say that this is one of my favorite tools. Right up there with my hori hori and my kana hoe.

    The perfect accessory to go with your Fiskars Uproot Weeder? A little pouch that you can hang from your belt or tie around your waist, then fill with some corn gluten granules. Every time you pop out a weed, sprinkle a pinch of corn gluten into the hole, to discourage any weed seeds that are almost certainly waiting to seize the opportunity to germinate in the newly exposed soil.

  28. I could become the weed terminator if I got one of these. It looks great!

  29. At first I thought, I don’t really need this. Dandelions are pretty and our yard is small. Then I remembered those few thistles and the dock that insists on invading my space every year. This land used to be a farmer’s field, and the owner of this mobile home park never really improved the yards, so… yes, I would like one of these awesome tools for my very own! Thank you for sponsoring this giveaway. I will head over to the other side to repeat my story. ๐Ÿ™‚

  30. This is just what I need. The dandelions are taking over and I refuse to spray. Pick me! Pick me!

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