Fiskars PowerGear Loppers (Part Two)

A year ago, my pruning life changed for the better. I didn’t realize it at first, as my partner Trevor stole my fresh new loppers to cut up kindling and I couldn’t find ’em for a week. Once I did, I took them out to prune an overgrown Ceanothus into a lovely tree-like shape, and within 15 minutes of starting, my employee Chad had snagged them! Was I jinxed? Why did everyone keep stealing my new loppers?

When I finally got them back, I understood. The Fiskars PowerGear Loppers are small and lightweight, and they take pretty much all the effort out of making a pruning cut, which means that after an hour of cutting, I’m still in the game and feeling ready for more. And they also help me get clean pruning cuts; since I don’t need to use all of my strength to prune, I can focus on good form (you can get the bypass lopper for live wood, and the anvil lopper for dead wood).

I now own four pair so my employees can each have their own, and it’s become one of those indispensable tools in the toolbox. This is the everyday lopper I carry around the garden for small jobs. Check out the video to see me hack at Amy’s poor Buddleia:

Feeling lucky? You too could win your very own PowerGear lopper from Fiskars! Just leave a comment below to enter and I’ll pick a winner at random on Friday May 4th. US only. ย EDIT: Michelle is the winner! Congrats, Michelle!

For a second chance, head on over to Garden Rant, where Amy’s giving one away as well! And follow Fiskars on Facebook for more updates and contests. Good luck!

105 responses to “Fiskars PowerGear Loppers (Part Two)”

  1. That would be a most handy dandy tool at our house. Lot’s of things to prune over here!

  2. I have used Fiskars products in the past and have always been more than satisfied. Thank you for this opportunity to win.

  3. WOW, I would love to have a new set of pruners…Mine is almost worn out!!!!

  4. I bought a pair after last year’s review and need another for my husband now. I have the same sad tale as you about others snagging these pruners.

  5. I have friends who have this particular tool and it is so easy to use. I would love to have a pair of these.

  6. You and Amy make pruning look so easy. With the help of these my overgrown Buddleia would definitely be a manageable size.

  7. I (and my yard) would love a pair of these loppers. There’s still pruning to be done here in Montana.

  8. Those look fantastic and I am in need of a new pair. Thanks for the giveaway, crossing my fingers!

  9. I have a pair of the hand pruners that live in my hand. I absolutly love them!!! It would be great to have a pair for the bigger stuff.

    Thx for the op :~)

  10. The honeysuckle and multiflora rose at the local nature center where I volunteer as a Weed Warrior! will rue the day you gave me a free pair of loppers! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  11. We named our loppers Cindy…but like the real person, they are a bit dated. Would love a new pair, thanks!

  12. Building a better lopper is better than building a better mousetrap! I’d love to win these.

  13. Promise to self: Never again plant a standard apple stock in an urban yard, no matter how tall the ladder and how long the pruner handles.

  14. I’ve been wanting loppers for a long time. My Grandpa gave me all of his garden tools except his loppers and I still haven’t gone out and bought any. I would love a pair of these awesome Fiskars loppers!

  15. My loppers keep getting “borrowed” and I don’t see them for weeks until I chase them down! I’d love to have a pair I can lend out and a new pair for myself!

  16. If I had new lobbers I would lob my old ones to someone that has none. You didn’t think I would give away the Fiskars, did you?

  17. We old people know how important it is to find ways to protect our joints. I still have all those old loppers and shears with wood handles, but my Fiskars are my fav tools especially the ones with gears. I wish I’d bought Fiskars hole diggers back when I first saw them. I dig holes for plants in gallon pots with ancient diggers with wood handles. As Mama used to say, I need to ‘come up with the times.’

  18. Wow! Do I wish I had had a pair of those the last time I pruned my ginormous Buddleia! Because I didn’t I think I maimed the poor things, they are still recovering and I’m afraid to do what they need to have done for fear of maiming them again. To the Fiskars store I go. Thanks for the demo video – I needed that.

  19. I just retired. I have a huge amount pruning to catch up on and that lopper would be a godsend. Please?

  20. The wild and rambunctious rhodies in my yard sure would love to see those funky old garage sale pruners disappear for a sharp ‘n shiny pair of Fiskars!!

  21. Pruning can be such a chore (when there are so many more fun things to do in the garden). Thanks for making a terrific product!

  22. After my husband became seriously ill 2 years ago, the pruning has fallen to me. And I’m not as strong as he was. I need help and these Fiskars seem like the thing to help me.

  23. A new pair of loppers would help me bring my garden back from its current “local forest habitat” designation.

  24. Many of my plants and trees have grown beyond the ability to prune them with the small Fiskars standard pruner I have been using for years. This will be the perfect upgrade.

  25. I need to upgrade from the standard Fiskars pruner to these loppers as my plants have grown.

  26. I’d love to have a pair to continue the everlasting war against privet, honeysuckle, multiflora rose, locust trees, dog hobble, and wild grapes. If I didn’t keep lopping, the house would soon be overrun

  27. Of course it is the pot-snips that put Fiskars pruning equipment on the map..thousands sold in hardware stores in Redway, Garberville ,Ukiah etc. These look pretty cool, and may actually sway me from my beloved Corona 195BNs, now known as 6310’s. I am a pruner nerd.

  28. Sung to the tune of “Its My Party and I’ll Cry if I Want to”
    Its my garden and I’ll prune if I want to !
    Prune if I want to!
    Prune if I want to!
    You would prune too if Gen gave them to you!

  29. I volunteer at Vally Permaculture Alliance’s Fruit Tree sale each year and always take my own lopper’s. They do get a workout pruning dozens of trees in one day. A new pair would be a blessing.

  30. Hi, Gen — Thanks for the chance to make my 30+ fruit and nut trees happier and airier, and all the small bushes jealous that they only get tired old hand pruners instead of cool, ergo-tech loppers trimming them!

  31. I admit, I’m a cheapskate. I have been making due with the same pair of loppers my mother got me over 20 years ago. One of the handles pulls out of its joint on pretty much every cut. I say a bad word, put it back in its socket and make another cut. Rinse and repeat. I can’t just drive a screw through it because the handles are metal tubes I can’t drill a straight hole through, and the glues I’ve tried haven’t held. I just keep sharpening the blades and saying bad words. Please help me out of my rut! I entered on the other site too – if I win both I promise to donate one pair to our local community garden. Pinky-swear!

  32. My journal says I entered this on 4/25 but I can’t find my name, so here I am again. Have never had a brandy-new sharp pair of loppers…what a great idea! And I love Fiskars products. Thanks for giving them away to some lucky person!
    And now I’m heading over to see your friend ๐Ÿ™‚

  33. I sold someone on the PowerGear at a store yesterday by telling them how great they looked here!

  34. when we moved into our new house 6-1/2 yrs ago it came with 6 boxwood meatballs that i don’t like; however, i can’t move them but need to keep them neat and trimmed and would LOVE a Fiskars PowerGear Loppers to help me with this task!