Mediterranean Plants to Rock Your Waterwise Landscape

Recently I wrote about how to design a Mediterranean garden, but I left out one major component – which plants to choose!

I just did a follow-up article over at the Christian Science Monitor which discusses just that. And yes, there are more photos of that lovely, lovely garden.  Head on over to read more.

One response to “Mediterranean Plants to Rock Your Waterwise Landscape”

  1. Good list for many places, even here! This year, so many Italian Cypress in Abq to El Paso are now going brown…serious drought and too much of a “good thing” with our summer heat. They took even this winter just fine. Once they go brown, it may be over.

    I bet your Med plant list for the Pac NW specifically would be great to read!

    Reminds me to do my “create a Mediterranean Garden effect” plant, materials list for my website! People here w/ Tuscan McMansions need help, let me tell you!