Plant Some Asian Greens for your Winter Veg Garden

Fern over at Life on the Balcony suggests some great Asian greens to grow for winter. I’m definitely growing some Bok Choi for my favorite – won ton soup!

2 responses to “Plant Some Asian Greens for your Winter Veg Garden”

  1. Mmm. Bok Choy. Just out of curiosity, can people who live in Humboldt County plant cool season veggies year round? My husband and I love “sweater weather” where it is cool and crisp, so I googled to see if there are any places in the U.S. that basically have Fall and Spring and skip Winter and Summer. One of the places that came up was Eureka, CA. According to the site we found, it said that Eureka stays pretty much between 40-60 all year long. Is that true? If so, it would seem that you guys could grow broccoli and bok choi and other cool season veggies year round!
    .-= Fern´s last blog ..Life on the Balcony Vlog #2 – Guerrilla Gardening =-.

  2. Fern, yes – totally! We have a great climate here for cool-season veggies, and while they grow slowly in winter – they do grow! I try to get most greens planted by the end of November if possible, but we’ll still get some growth even if we plant later.

    Unfortunately, our rain probably rules us out in terms of having year-round sweater weather. It rains here from like October-early May, a lot!! But that said, I still make a good living outdoors even in winter, so it’s not that bad. I really love the climate here a lot. I like rain but wouldn’t like snow or high temps much at all. It stays between around 30-70 here it seems, with nighttime dips into lower temps.