Miller Farms’ Yvonne C. Shares her Pruning Shear Love


Miller farms Nursery’s Yvonne C. waxed poetical about her favorite pruning shears in the latest nursery newsletter:

I love my Felcos. I always have these handy. Why do I like them so much? Well, it makes pruning so easy. I use them everyday in the nursery, then go home and use them some more.

Yvonne points out how easily you can change the blade and the springs when necessary, which is an awesome feature of Felco pruners.

Now, you all may know by now that I have a mad and undying passion for Bahco pruning shears, and that I gave up my Felcos as soon as I tried the awesomeness that is Bahco.

Unfortunately, I’ve only found one place locally that occasionally stocks the Bahco pruners, and that is the saw shop on Alliance near Foster in Arcata. I think I need to pester our local nurseries to begin carrying the Bahco brand, so you all can try them out and choose for yourself.