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  • What Birds Need in Winter: Creating a Year-Round Habitat Garden

    What Birds Need in Winter: Creating a Year-Round Habitat Garden

    When attracting birds to the garden, we often think of setting out some bird feeders and maybe a bird bath. But like us, wild birds need a variety of things to thrive, and especially in inclement weather. As we lose many of our natural lands to development, supporting local and migrating birds through all of […]

  • Attracting Birds to the Pacific Northwest Garden

    Attracting Birds to the Pacific Northwest Garden

    Watching birds swoop and listening to them sing are some of the many joys of gardening.  But hanging up a few feeders isn’t enough to create a true backyard habitat for birds; inviting them to come and “stay a spell” takes careful consideration of their needs. So what exactly do you need to do to keep birds hanging […]

  • DIY Bird Seed Blends for Feeding Wild Birds (and a Guide to the Best Seeds)

    DIY Bird Seed Blends for Feeding Wild Birds (and a Guide to the Best Seeds)

    Feeding wild birds is a rewarding pastime and a wonderful way to identify different birds in your area, which is good information to have if you are planning to use native plants in your garden to attract specific species. It’s also a great way to share a love of wildlife with children who may be […]

  • Wildlife Miscellany: Trends, Native Plant Books, and Special Thanks to Carole Brown

    A quick wrap-up of some recent posts on wildlife gardening from around the web. . . You know how I love to read the garden trend reports at the start of each year, and this year I’m seeing a lot of trends that I like. Over at Beautiful Wildlife Gardens, Carole Brown posted a list […]

  • Bored of Your Winter View?

    Perk things up this winter by adding some winter-interest plants, attracting birds, and creating colorful containers out of cut stems and evergreen boughs. That’s my advice over at Landscaping Network, where I talk about some superstar plants and some non-intuitive ways of bringing birds to your winter garden. A special tip o’ the nib to […]

  • Fall Leaf Raking: Finding the Middle Ground

    Fall Leaf Raking: Finding the Middle Ground

    All gardeners evolve. There is something about being outside and working hard in nature that inspires learning and growth. The issue of fall leaves is one I’ve been struggling with lately. Last year I wrote about why you shouldn’t let your fall leaves stay, and all of those reasons are still true, but… This year […]

  • Monday Miscellany: Pruners, Leaf Litter, and Attracting Pollinators

    Was absolutely delighted to get this awesome comment from Heuchera on my Hand Pruner Showdown post comparing the different types of pruning shears: Recently I lost my old Felcos and needed to find a new pair. I had owned a different model, so I decided to research the web to see if the No. 2?s […]

  • Monday Miscellany: Wildlife Gardening

    Fall is a great time of year to be thinking about the wildlife. If you can hold off deadheading, leave some fall leaves on the ground for overwintering insects, and make any fall-planting choices good for wildlife, you will have really amped things up for your local butterflies, birds, and other creatures. Here’s some reading […]

  • The Ten Best Native Plants for Coastal Northern California Wildlife by Peter Haggard

    On the heels of our recent Garden Designers Roundtable on Inviting Nature Into the Garden, I wanted to share a resource that I’ve been finding incredibly helpful in recent months. While we all know that planting natives is a good way to attract more life into our gardens, if we only have space for a […]

  • Plants to Love: Mexican Feather Grass (Nassella tenuissima/ Stipa tenuissima)

    This waving blonde grass is a great way of bringing a sense of movement to your garden. It looks great massed, and brings a beachy feel to the garden with its bleached straw-colored seedheads. Nassella tenuissima does need to be cut to the ground once a year, but I’ve had great luck doing it at […]

  • Container Plants that Birds Love

    Finishing off our series on planting to attract birds, here’s my love poem to container gardeners – some of my favorite plants to attract birds and hummingbirds to your urban or patio garden. Fuchsia thymifolia or Fairy Fuchsia This is the fuchsia that makes me go starry-eyed with love. Blooming all year  long on the […]