Monday Miscellany: Drunken Fried Apple Products, Forcing Bulbs, and more

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Drunken. Apple. Fritters. Yeah. The Prudent Garden has a tutorial and recipe up on making these delicious lumps of heavenly goodness. Go, eat, be happy. Your diet can start again tomorrow. (A non-alcoholic version from Julie’s Garden Delights here).

How to force bulbs. A Healthy Life for Me has a great infographic on forcing bulbs, and she shares instructions on how to do it as well. This is the time of year. . . I usually buy paperwhites and hyacinths locally, and order Amaryllis from Longfield Gardens, since their bulbs usually develop multiple robust flower stalks for me rather than the puny singles I had previously come to expect.

Training chickens to come when called. When I saw the title of this post from Our One Acre Farm, I snorted. But then I read the article and she actually seems serious. The woman has trained her chickens! It’s a miracle. My birds are so recalcitrant I can’t imagine them coming when called or doing any other manner of thing I ask them to. They are like feathered cats, who occasionally fly up to my shoulder and unapologetically try to eat my braid. Anyway, if your chickens are more malleable in nature you might take a look and try training them. I will try not to be jealous about your well-behaved birds if you succeed.

 From the archives:

Fall-blooming heathers for the autumn garden

Fall blooming heather varieties for the autumn garden

That’s it for this week, guys. Have you seen anything cool around the web lately? Let me know in the comments below.

One response to “Monday Miscellany: Drunken Fried Apple Products, Forcing Bulbs, and more”

  1. I stopped wasting bulbs by forcing them in water some years back. Planted in a pot of good, loose soil mix, bulbs like Hyacinths can be planted out after bloom and expensive Amaryllis can be brought to rebloom over and over in subsequent years.

    Amaryllis and Paperwhites need no chill.