Planting the Triolife Triangular Planter (Kitty “Helped”)

I’ll admit it: I’m bad with containers. I love planting them, placing them and admiring them. What I’m not so great at is watering them.

So when Eartheasy offered to send me one of these stylish triangular Triolife planters to test out, I wasn’t feeling too confident that I’d be able to create an effect worthy of its awesomeness. I mean, look at the thing – it’s all modern and fresh and thrilling-looking.

But when I looked further at the design, it’s actually got an open center which allows a core of soil to run down the middle, making the planter a lot easier to keep watered and happy as there’s plenty of root room for all of the plants.

I am getting ahead of myself, though.

Amy Stewart and I decided to do a joint review of the thing, but when it first arrived, we spent a ridiculous amount of time trying to put it together (I don’t think we’re very handy). But once we figured it out, there was a satisfying simplicity to the design – it fits together with perfectly-cut pieces and pegs, and you don’t need any tools, screws or the like to construct it. (Kind of like that raised bed kit we reviewed from Eartheasy a while back.)

But just in case you’re a little, erm, “challenged” in the construction department like we are, Amy and I made a quick video showing what it looks like before planting it up, so you can get the gist of how it goes together.

Step-by-step photos:

Triolife trangular planter Triolife trangular planter (4)
Triolife trangular planter (7) Triolife trangular planter (10)
Triolife trangular planter (2) Triolife trangular planter (5)


Don’t neglect the kitty during this process or you’ll get a wet nose pressed against your camera lens.

Triolife trangular planter (8)

Anyway, what was I doing? The cutes temporarily blinded me. Oh yeah! Once you get the frame put together as shown, you can set the last two trays on the little ledges cut into the frame.

Triolife trangular planter (11) Triolife trangular planter (3)
Triolife trangular planter (13) Triolife trangular planter (6)


Plants in 4″ pots fit perfectly into the sides of the Triolife. Since I’ve been re-reading Debra Lee Baldwin’s book Succulent Container Gardens, you know what theme I picked! Here’s my finished planter:

Triolife trangular planter (12)

I was thrilled with how it came out. You could plant edibles, ornamentals, or whatever you wanted in there.

Want to win a Triolife container? Eartheasy’s kindly agreed to give one of you lucky readers a Triolife of your very own! All you have to do is comment for your chance to win. I’ll select a winner at random on Weds May 23rd. US only.ย For a second chance, head on over to Garden Rant, as Amy’s giving one away there as well!

Edit: Lucy’s the winner of the Triolife! Congrats, Lucy!

You can catch up with Eartheasy on their Facebook page and learn more about their innovative raised beds and planters here.

162 responses to “Planting the Triolife Triangular Planter (Kitty “Helped”)”

  1. Oh how fun and functional. I live in a log house and I’m always on the lookout for unique wood planters to stay with that. This would look great on my deck planted with herbs, no strawberries, no alpines, oh gosh I could plant so many things in there!!!

  2. I would love to win one! I have lots of 4″ succulents sitting around in individual pots that I hadn’t figured out how to display… until now! Thanks!

  3. I had been thinking about planting some kind of hanging cherry tomatoes in it, but the succulents are lovely! Should I win, I will be in a bit of a dither.

  4. I would love to put that in my front yard which I was thinking of using edibles, but I love the succulent look! I’m working on removing as much lawn as possible.

  5. I was thinking herbs would look good in this planter, but I love the succulents, that is just gorgeous!

  6. This would be great for my 7-year-old, who uses a wheelchair. Get the dirt up where he can reach it ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Oh, lovely! Would love to create a salad pyramid! Spinach, thyme, maybe some small lettuces, nasturia, other edible flowers. Yum. However, looking at the succulents, I might be persuaded to for a little less watering…

  8. Gen! I love it! I want some succulents so bad but they are so expensive around here! I wonder if this would be good for herbs? ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. I think an herb garden would be perfect planted in that planter. But the succulents do look awesome!

  10. The succulents look great, but as my poor herb garden was fried when they tented our house for termites, I would have to go with herbs.

  11. This would look beautiful on my deck filled with herbs for the kitchen just inside the door. What a beautiful piece to set near guests with some fragrant herbs for a conversation piece!

  12. I’ve been wanting to do a succulent garden planter and this would be perfect! I’m pretty sure I’ll go buy one if I don’t win this one. I love the look!!

  13. Is it sacrilege to say that I think if I won I’d probably paint mine with a nice, bright color so I could put it out in the garden as a focal piece? Hopefully not! ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. OOO! I would love to put herbs and greens in here and stick it on my front porch so I could trot out seconds before dinner is served and harvest my bounty.

  15. What a great concept. Simple, easy to put together and looks as though it would be easy to repair when the grandkids climb up to see what’s on top. (Some of us have to consider that, too.)

    I wonder if I put some casters on the bottom if I could use it on my front porch and keep turning it so that all three sides get equal access to the sunshine. Hmmm…..

    Now you’ve got me thinking. Keep up the great work with your blog. Very inspiring.

  16. This planter is too cute it gives off an oriential feel.. I just moved to what I call the country and have almost two acres of land I need to plant things and this would make a great addition to my yard… I have never seen anything like it!!! The ideas are limitless!!!

  17. I don’t know if I get to be a lucky winner again, but this is very nice! I’d like to give one to my mom! Or else I’d like to win the kitty; he’s terribly cute…

  18. I think this is great. I am leaning toward it being an herb planter but the succulents are great!!

  19. A parterre in three dimension full of aromatic herbs, that would live next to the kitchen. That would be so much fun. . . . and as soon as I win the lottery a second one devoted to succulents. Ahhhh

  20. This thing looks fabulous! I would use it to plant more herbs as I am running out of space in my herb garden. Thanks for reviewing it.

  21. This would look wonderful on my roofdeck and provide me with fresh herbs all summer long.

  22. I’m drooling over the possibility of this out on the balcony. It’s a little sparse right now…

  23. Totally cool, looks like it could fit in anywhere in the garden. I can see planting a load of different lettuces of various hews in it and then grazing from it all summer, or succulents on one level for aesthetic charm. I really hope you pick me. I need more yard art to offset the ever growing weeds.

  24. Your succulents are lovely! I would choose to plant herbs, edible flowers, and maybe some greens.

  25. Wow ! I love it! The shape is so cool and succulents or strawberries or cherry tomatoes
    all would seem to do well!! It is a very cool looking planter on it’s own and with plants
    you double your pleasure!!

  26. It’ll be perfect. I can already picture the plants as they’ll mature. I’m thinking herbs at the moment.

  27. I would love to have that planter! I plant a big garden,but have my herbs and succulents in all sorts of unique containers. This would fit right in.

  28. What a wonderful succulent garden I could plant in this!
    Honey would want a strawberry garden, though. I need two.

  29. Woo! I’ve been looking for a triangular planter for a while. I’ve got just the spot for it in my garden. Consider my hat in the ring.

  30. I have this empty space in my garden that was once a tree. That planter would look perfect on top of the stump and add a lot of interest. I ‘m a beginner gardener so I ‘m not sure what I would plant in it. Maybe plants that would cascade down the sides, sedums maybe. The planter would look like a fountain of plants.

  31. I live in a townhouse with a tiny back patio and garden, so this kind of vertical gardening makes sense. My garden is a bit shady, so I’m thinking maybe a combination of heucheras, small ferns, and violas or pansies. In the heat of summer, I might use browallia or impatiens, and then substitute the pansies in the fall. Perhaps one of the hardier ivies for a trailer.

  32. I think that this is a very attractive improvement on the old strawberry tiered circle beds. It has structural beauty and would look great just outside my kitchen door filled with the herbs I use for cooking. Thanks for the opportunity to win free stuff!

  33. Honestly, the last thing I need is more stuff, but who could possibly resist this wonder of triangularity??? Not this garden geek. Want!

  34. How unique…I have just the corner for this. And, if you change your mind about the Kitty….

  35. Wow! A triangular planter. Something to tuck into that corner that nothing else fits in and a round pot would waste space! Some assembly required!

  36. I love what you did with your Triolife planter. Very beautiful. The video and step by step instructions make it look like an achievable project.

    I think it might be fun to set up an herb garden in one of these right outside my back door. It would give me easy acces to the herbs and create a marvelous focal point on my patio.

    It is a shame you aren’t throwing in the kitty though… LOL
    She is a cutie!

  37. No one would be happier to win this than me! We just built a deck that needs this planter!

  38. I freaking love this Amy and Gen! I instantly thought of a cocktail planter when I saw it. I’ll need to though, one for my love of succulents and the other for my cocktail herbs.

  39. It looks gorgeous and I would fill it with herbs. ๐Ÿ™‚ I love beautiful planters.

  40. I would love to win this – I have the perfect place on a stub of a tree that had to be removed. I would plant succulents in it.

  41. Please please please can I have a planter? (see how I used 3 pleas to match the TRIOlife name of the planter?)

  42. Never neglect the kitty during these processes or you may find that they take revenge once it is planted! Would love to have one to plant up.

  43. It looks gorgeous with all those succulents… hard to envision it with edibles given that few edibles are as compact as what you planted. Still, I’d love to take it for a test run or two or three.

  44. As someone who has spent her entire adult life playing in dirt, I’m always looking for new ways to endulge my passion. This is an option I havent considered before. I’d love to give it a try.

  45. I love this–I think either herbs or strawberries would be perfect to grow in it. So hard to decide!

  46. I love the design of this planter! I would put it on my (small) patio and plant zinnias and portulaca, both of which can take the heat in Alabama. I am really getting into vertical gardening and this planter totally fits the bill.

  47. The salad planter idea is awesome. Also, I’ve been thinking that this is a great idea for a focal point element in my garden, with mini evergreens planted in a fairy garden theme. Just love the unique shape and possibilities this planter offers!

  48. I wish I had one to use for herbs, not as pretty as the succulents, but a little tastier I think.

  49. You planted it beautifully! I too am challenged in the watering department when it comes to pots. The days just slip by…

  50. This looks like the kind of things I could really use. Actually, I have two spots I would like to have one. The first one I would use for a small herb garden on the the back deck for myself. Then I would use the second one to plant strawberries and put on the other end of the deck. Guess I will have to purchase the second one if I win the first one. I really like the design, the style and the size of this container. Emily

  51. Oh oh oh. I entered on Amy’s blog and was all over planting strawberries for my planter. But now I am seriously swayed by the succulent vision here, especially the blooming lewisias in the top. I do have cute kitty talent lined up, so send it on up. Beautiful!

  52. This is a cool planter. It would make a great focal point. Sweet cat, too!

  53. Would love to put some strawberries & or herbs in this would look lovely on my porch. I’ve been needing more places to plant new things. !! Very Nice.

  54. Roses are red,
    Violets are blue,
    Container gardening is fun,
    For both me and you.

  55. Beautiful and functional. I will definitely be on the lookout for these goodies for our Gardening Co-op! Fabulous.

  56. What An interesting planter. I,too, am lazy about watering planters but maybe it was because they were so ugly I felt no love at all.

  57. I would totally win mine and my neighbors friendly competition with one of these.

  58. I was going to say this would be perfect for strawberry plants, but the succulents look incredible in it!

  59. What a lovely design for a planter! I love your plantings of succulents. I think herbs would be lovely also. Thanks for a chance to win one. Sharon West

  60. I would love one of these! And my husband would love not having to build one of these from scratch for me!

  61. Super cool planter and your little furry planting helper looks to have been a key steadying force in this plantings creation. Undoubtedly

  62. Hi! I would love to win your give-away succulent planter. It would be such a focal point for me., because I have such limited garden space.Thanks for the opportunity!

  63. Love the look of this planter especially with the succulents which are quickly becoming my new favorite plants. I too love the look of container gardens & tend to forget to water them.

  64. What a fantastic planter! Great idea for displaying gorgeous succulents ๐Ÿ™‚

  65. this is gorgeous!
    It is absolutely stunning and would look amazing sitting in my east coast garden nestled among the other greenery!

  66. I really love gardening and making planters of myown. This one is beautiful and I would be phrentic to get one. It would be a really, really nice decoration for my garden. Good luck to everyone.

  67. I love all things succulent! Got ’em growing out of all kinds of containers, but nothing as cool as your TrioLife planter!!! It would be the centerpiece specimen to my collection! =)

  68. Just moved into our tropical home and now I need to relearn all my gardening knowledge that was acquired during a half century in New England. This Triolife Planter would look fabulous on our lanai, filled with different types, sizes and colors of orchids!

  69. What a fun and whimsical planter!! You could paint and plant it up!! would love to have this on my deck.

  70. So neat…I would love to have one…pick me, pretty please ๐Ÿ™‚

  71. What a nice planter and beautiful arrangement you made! I would love to try succulents. Thank you for the chance to win this planter.

  72. After all these years, I’ve finally realized that I sem to have a knack (or am very lucky) with succulents. I don’t have the money to spend on fancy containers, but I have been repurposing things to make my small yard look cool and inviting. The Triolife Triangle container would be the crowning glory of a small, but sincere garden.

  73. I was JUST looking at this planter a day or two ago on Amazon! Was thinking about planting herbs in it but the succulents look absolutely gorgeous in them as well. Hmm.. what to do, what to do…

  74. That has to be one of the most beautiful planters I have ever seen! Thank you for sharing! ๐Ÿ™‚

  75. Wow! Love this! I’ve become addicted to succulents… even rescue alot from the floors of nurseries..this would handle all of my rescues nicely! Pick me pick me ๐Ÿ™‚

  76. Love this design! I’ve recently fallen head over heals in love with succulent container gardening, and this looks like an amazing design!

  77. This is awesome! Perfect for the patio garden I’m trying to start in my apartment!!! <3

    And I have my own kitties to look cute posing with the plants! ?

  78. that is neat ,, i live in an apartment complex that is for elderly and disabled, some here like gardening , but no place for us to do so ,, there at one time was a spot set side for such , but it got neglected and now used as a dog run. and those in wheelchair cannot get to the area as there is all lose rock all around , something like these , would be a cat’s meow ,,, and love the kitty ,, extra treats are in call for .

  79. WOW! What a cute and fun little planter. I have just got into gardening. I moved from St. Louis, MO to Venice, CA. I love those little Cali cactus looking plants, before I moved here, I have never seen them…can’t wait to plant MORE ๐Ÿ˜‰

  80. This is so pretty!!!!! What a wonderful way to display plants.the suculents esp. look beautiful…

  81. I just left my mountain farm for a new house in town. I am slowly getting my new home ‘greening’ and this planter would fit it great!

  82. What a cool idea. I just downsized from a condo to an apartment. I love the view from the new apartment but miss my yard. A cool planter like that I (or anyone) could make space for a kitchen garden.

  83. I’m thinking herb garden to set up on the deck…which wil eventually be an outdoor kitchen (once I figure out how to afford that transformation)

  84. What a unique planter! I love that it is made from wood that has not been stained!
    It’s organic look and refined structure make for a beautiful display for any kind of
    plant. I see it with a combination of flowering plants and fresh herbs.
    I think the fact that you can put in 4″ pots and be able to move them around as
    you like and it looks as if they are planted is what makes this so special.
    I would love to have one of these to play with!! Nice product!!

  85. This planter looks amazing! I would love to fill it with herbs & keep it on my patio; then, it’s only a few steps from the kitchen to harvest them when I cook…or, it could be a living salad bar with different lettuces & a cherry tomato plant or two on top. It would be fun to figure it out if it was mine!

  86. What a beautiful planter! So many possibilities! It’s so “outside the box” I love when form and function meet on friendly and even inspirational terms!

  87. I love this!! I think it would be great as an herb garden. Although your succulants look great and I do have a love affair going on with succulants.

  88. Love it! My first thought, at seeing this amazing planter, was that it reminded me of the Myan’s. It IS 2012, but other than that, no idea why. This beauty could be the focal point indoors or out, in the middle of a humid hot Coastal yard or a surprise sight among cool ferns and moss covered rocks. The adventure of putting it together with someone special would make it a Memory sweet to revisit….and a Joy to watch it grow and change over the years.

  89. SO stylish! I want to plant all kinds of things in this. We live on a corner so maybe some fun edibles and everyone who walks by can sneak a little nibble! It would be a gift to the neighborhood!

  90. Hi there,
    In your youtube video you said you’d report back after a season of using this triolife planter. I couldn’t find a follow-up video or blog post? Can you provide a review or email me a few words of your impression? Wondering if it would work for cherry tomatoes, herbs, lettuces?

    • I found it challenging to keep watered, and now use it for succulents which don’t seem to mind. If you do lettuces or strawberries, use fresh soil each year and do not let it dry out to where it gets hydrophobic.