Greenland Gardener Wall Garden Kit

If you’ve read Susan Morrison and Rebecca Sweet’s book Garden Up! about vertical gardening, you’ve seen the drool-worthy photos of succulent walls. You might have even thought about getting one of those flat wooden frames to make one of your own.

The problem with so many of those succulent wall frames is they require patience, a virtue I have not yet discovered in my gardening life. You plant them, and then you leave them flat until they root – a few weeks at best, months at worst. Not only do you have to be patient, but you have to somehow keep your chickens off the planted frame until you can hang it on a wall (am I the only person with this problem?).

The Greenland Gardener wall garden kit changes all of that. It’s a simple metal frame that holds four plastic trays, which hook onto the metal bars on the frame. You can see how it works in the video:

It kind of reminds me of that gutter garden trend that’s been popping up lately – the trays are pretty much the same size and shape, only these are oriented diagonally and outward so you can actually see what you’ve planted right away.

The one complaint I have is that the endcaps on the plastic trays are a bit flimsy, and snap off easily. I used a bit too much force when planting mine, and had to glue the endcap back onto one of my trays. But when you compare the price of this vertical gardening kit to others (it’s only $30 including shipping, while most of those wooden wall kits that require so much time to root start at $80), having to do a little DIY repair is a small price to pay.

Here’s me in the process of planting mine up:


And the finished wall garden, prettying up my chicken coop:


Want to win one?

You know you do. Greenland Gardener has been kind enough to offer up TWO kits to give away, so you’ve got doubly-good chances of winning. Just leave a comment, and I’ll choose two winners next Wednesday June 1st. Good luck!

EDIT: Big congrats to Karen and Charlotte, who have each won a kit!

75 responses to “Greenland Gardener Wall Garden Kit”

  1. This looks nice. I’ve thought many times of making a gutter garden, I just haven’t had the time with all the other chores. I would love to win one of these. Looks like it will be easy to move into the garage for the winter as well.

  2. Gen, very cool! I just wanted to say that, but don’t put me in the running! I already have one (I haven’t put it together yet, though), and plus, if I win, Chris will whoop me.

  3. Cool, and so reasonably priced. I’d love to win it and give it a shot. We always have plenty of homeless succulents hanging out.

  4. This is absolutely stunning!! It would make gardening in the city so much easier, and space saving…really great!

  5. I found this website on

    My yard is small and I love the compact design. I really hope I win!

  6. These are so neat!
    I want to see vertical gardening happening outside my school’s dorm windows, darn city needs some more green thumbs ๐Ÿ™‚ Hope I win!

  7. Oh, this looks marvelous! I’ve seen the pallet wall gardens before and had the exact same thought–that they look great, but that I haven’t the patience to let it sit and wait while the plants take root to hold the soil in place. This is a much better idea, in my opinion! Even if I don’t win, I want to get one of these. It’d make living sustainably in an apartment much, much easier.

  8. My aprtment patio is full and I thought about using the walls and fence. This iis perfect. I am a make-do person because buying is expensive. I am retired. It would be wonderful to win this. I promise to take very good care of it.
    Thank you for considering me.

  9. I have the perfect south facing wall for one of those. My chicken coops are in the shade where they won’t overheat, so I can’t hang one on them.

  10. What a wonderful idea this is! I would love to have something like this is as I seem to have more vertical real estate than horizontal. This screams Art on the Garage. I hope Iwin.

  11. Love that. It really is amazing how much chickens like to peck at succulents (including Hens & Chicks!) so going on the wall is a very good thing. ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. I love to grow succulents and this could be the solution I have been looking for, I’ve been having a BIG problem with ants this year tiny red ones invading my flower pots and setting up residence. The flower pots are on tables off the ground, big tables are a pain to move around, with this new vertical planter I could plant the succulents the ants seem to favor in it and just move the planter out of the ants reach. And in my opinion it really looks cool!

  13. Sweet. We’ll be building a pole barn with a kids’ play space above later this summer, and this will be the best for decoration! I can just see it planted with strawberries, little hands reaching from above and below to gather that sweet goodness…

  14. I would love one of these. I’d mount it to the wall of my wooden fence. I live in a townhouse, and my fence needs character!

  15. It looks great! I’ve got a whole windowsill of succulents that are begging for a home as cute as this.

  16. I have been planning to get some succulents in my garden, which means I have been looking around the house and garden shed for a good container – but this would solve all problems! And it could live on our shed – next to the henhouse. And if I won it would be planted and in place in time for the Franklin Land Trust Garden tour which will bring hundreds! of people to our garden. Right now I just have to keep weeding!

  17. I love this new trend in giveaways on garden blogs, and you’ve always got the best stuff. I come again and again for your regular gardening posts too. thanks!

  18. I WANT ONE!!!! I am (very) new to gardening and LOVE this idea! We have a long yard bordered by 5 neighbor’s yards. We’ve been looking for a way to give us a little more privacy and a living wall would be a perfect addition! Great idea for involving the kids as well. Thanks!

  19. I’d love one! My birthday is coming up quickly, and it’d be great for a “to me, from me, happy me!” While the succulents would be year-round low maintanence, I bet it would be nice for annuals and herbs, too!

  20. Hmm… I’m getting ideas on how to replicate this but using old pallets’, paint, and plastic trays… HMMM… But still, this would be fantastic. [and for that price? I’d buy one if I don’t win one! Mwahahaa.]

  21. I’ve been thinking about this system since I first saw it last year but there just hasn’t been time to get it planned and constructed. Now, someone has done that for me. Isn’t it great how that works?

  22. I know I already won something this season, so I totally don’t deserve this, but…

    My sister lives in Seattle and this would be PERFECT for her and her school. She teaches at an inner city school and they have a few raised beds in their concrete playground but a vertical garden would be awesome for the kids to plant and experience. The kids love to plant things and watch them grow. They feel anticipation as they tuck the plants in and pride as they thrive.

    Such a great idea, I might tell my sister to make building these (or something similar) a class project.

  23. I would love to hang something like this on an unsightly portion of my brick wall near the back door. Love the look of succulent walls!

  24. I don’t have a chicken coop. Can I have this instead as consolation?

  25. I love this! Iโ€™ve got a very small backyard, and have been trying to walk the fine line of allowing enough room for people and my plants. Using the vertical space of my fence (which takes up most the yard) would be a wonderful way to open my little plot of land up. I think the Wall Garden Kit would be a great way to get started!

  26. I love this! So pretty. I am always looking for new and interesting ways to bring beauty, color and nature to my yard. Thank you for the chance to win.

  27. OH…. I SO want one!! This is terrific. I’m thinking fresh herbs! What a perfect size it would be. I live in a forest so, containers are really best here!! Also, I see an add for my client on this page just below ‘submit’…. MeowPrints!

  28. i am a huge fan of the greenland gardens, and would love one for the back of the house and could grow strawberries, and put my herbs where the neighborhood cats cant get into it.
    so here is crossing my fingers and hoping i win it ๐Ÿ™‚

  29. I would love one of these! I just bought a greenhouse this year and I would love to try something like this to see if more would work well. Space is so important in a greenhouse and every inch needs to be utilized! I try to keep as much off of the floor because my dog loves to dig in my dirt! I have to find new ways of keeping things high which still being able to use the space! I envision a lovely herb buffet growing on the wall!

  30. This is a wonderful idea i’m dissabled and this would be easyer for me to work with and living in the city the compact and verical shape would be great thank you for letting me have a chance to maybe get one.

  31. I have the perfect spot for one of these. I call it my “summer house”. I am unable to have a porch so we put up a building with a screened in front that looks out towards the Trout river. It is built of logs and one of these gardens would be VERY happy there.


  33. What a great idea. Love the wall of succulents that I have seen in magazines and on the web. However, haven’t seen this before–very cool. Would love to win.

  34. I love it !!!! and I love the way you have the wall garden set up , I wasn’t sure how I was going to set up a wall garden if I had one , but now I have a few great ideas,,, GL2EV1 and thank-you greenland for sending these here ,so we could have a chance to win one : )

  35. I love turning other peoples trash into treasures….and creating new ideas for more gardens with limited space. I have the perfect spot for something like this. I love the effect, when it is assembled and hanging…very creative…!

  36. Those are too cool. I have never seen anything like that before! I see it full of herbs… Mmmmm.

  37. I so need one of these; actually I could use a few of these. I need more space for the fun stuff as all my other garden areas are for veggies. I know exactly where I will put it!!

  38. I am intrigued by the this because it houses many succulants yet tidy and out of the way where everyone can enjoy them. I live in an apartment and patio garden so space constraints are limited. I’ve recently started rooting some sedum so something like this would be perfect!

  39. I am disabled with my heart from a massive heart attack. I am trying the topsy turby planters this year…..I would love this…..i so miss my gardening because I can’t get on my knees and get back up…..this would be perfect for me and others like me. I hope I win one…disability doesn’t pay all the bills….but growing your own food helps….i want this for food, like strawberries, peppers, etc….great idea…..

  40. That’s so cool and only $30! I could definitely see it full of fragrant herbs and trailing flowers. Thanks for the chance to win one!

  41. I wish to win one. It will be hung right in front of the house , right hand side of the front door. Just want to see visitors’ eyes lit up before enter the house ๐Ÿ™‚

  42. These are really nice. The more natural brown color works well with plants and would look great on a craftsman shed (we don’t have one yet) or on our bungalow. Such a clever and attractive use of space–perfect for small homes and yards. I love the succulents. A combo of creeping jenny and impatiens would look nice too.

  43. Yes, these look like fun… succulents are nice and Ii think that an interesting mix of herbs would suit this setup well too. Would love to try it here in the desert as it would be a good way to keep the rabbits out o the plants. ๐Ÿ™‚

  44. This would look fantastic on my balcony next to my vegetables! (I can only dream about having the space to have a chicken coop to hang it on…)

  45. Oh my, I have never seen anything like these. Super cute. Thanks for the chance!

  46. Hi! I stumbled across your site, and now your contest serendipitously while searching for vertical gardens. Now I am fantasizing about a beautiful lettuce garden hanging from my back fence this summer while I tell the story of how I met these cool ladies online and won this fabulous system while researching vertical gardens ๐Ÿ™‚

  47. I would LOVE to win this for my backyard – it would help pretty up the ugly chain link fence I hate ๐Ÿ™

  48. Looks lovely with the succulents. Looks like they could hang out in that all summer, maybe longer and it looks like it could be moved, if need be. Price is right too. Great new product.

  49. Woohoo, thanks, I’m so excited! I might actually have to do a blog post when I get it, LOL. (Have been slacking off quite a bit in the past year.) ๐Ÿ™‚