Monday Miscellany: Twitter, Container Ideas, and Garden TV

The garden blogging world seemed to take a short hiatus from posting cool stuff when spring first arrived, but now they’re back in force, with all kinds of new ideas, hot photos, and inspiration we can bring back to our own homes and gardens.

The last couple weeks have seen some great lists of gardening folks on Twitter:

@containergarden (Kerry Michaels) is the guide to container gardening, and she posted a list of her favorite tweeps to follow here.

@Michelle_at_FG (Michelle Gervais) is an editor at Fine Gardening Magazine, and she’s posted a list of her favorite gardening tweeters as well.

@jeanannvk (Jean Ann Van Krevelen) is an author and social media guru for Cool Springs Press, and she’s been posting weekly recommendations for gardening peeps on Twitter to follow. Here’s a few of her top tens:

I haven’t been tweeting much this winter (despite all the rain, there hasn’t been much of a slow season this year!), but I’m just starting to really enjoy it again, so if you’d like to connect with me on Twitter, I’m @NCoastGardening. I’d love to follow you back and see what you’re up to!

Gorgeous container planting ideas:

The Personal Garden Coach (Christina Salwitz or @Arcadia1 on Twitter) has been getting well-known in the gardening community for her striking and bold container planting schemes. She uses foliage colors with confidence and creates some lush and unusual designs that I have been so inspired by.

Check out her Black and Tan designs, or her ideas for using Tricolor Sage in a foliage combination. Love it!

Garden TV:

I keep on hearing about Growing a Greener World with Joe Lamp’l and Patti Moreno, but since I don’t watch much TV, I didn’t have much of a hope of ever catching it. So I was pretty stoked to find it available to watch online!

There’s the TV show, and the audio podcast. I just downloaded a few episodes of the podcast to listen to while driving or doing dishes.

And if you haven’t yet seen Shirley Bovshow’s Garden World Report, you’ve got to stop by and check it out. Shirley’s got such an infectious sense of enthusiasm and fun that I always find myself smiling after I watch. The thing I love best about the Garden World Report is that it’s not too sterile like I find most television shows. Shirley keeps things moving and it never sounds scripted or like she’s bored by what she’s saying.

Commenters: Are you on Twitter? Leave your Twitter handle and I’d love to follow you and see what’s going on in your world.

6 responses to “Monday Miscellany: Twitter, Container Ideas, and Garden TV”

  1. Hi Genevieve. I enjoyed reading your post today and appreciate your mention of our show. I’m especially happy you are still able to access our episodes online. That was the whole idea around our efforts to reach as many people as possible. I too don’t watch much television and often view my programming online or VIA podcasts. So it’s only fitting that we make those delivery options available too. Regarding the podcasts, I’ll be adding more very soon to coincide with the current television program topics. But in the mean time, you still have 22 episodes to get through.
    Hope you enjoy!
    Joe Lamp’l

  2. Genevieve,
    How kind of you to make such nice mention of me and my blog! What a lovely honor. I appreciate it very much and even more, I’m happy that YOU are enjoying my designs and wacky sensibility when it comes to container designs!
    Thank you,
    Christina Salwitz
    THE Personal Garden Coach

  3. Hey Genevieve – Thanks for the mention. I never thought I would be into Twitter, but I am awed by the knowledge, expertise, help, humor and friendship that I’ve found there. I love reading your blog.

    And I totally agree about Christina’s containers – they rock and are elegant at the same time. Also, I love seeing her plant combinations – always surprising, beautiful and interesting.

  4. You’ve been in people, Dirty Girl, surely you’re cool enough to tweet! Just start out small. I’ll be your first follower!

    Hi Kerry! I too have been surprised by Twitter. My Dad always bashes it for being shallow, but you can get a surprising amount of info and connection across in 140 characters, and it sure hones one’s writing skills.

    Fern, I am so inspired. I hope we get some Phantom Petunias in my neck of the woods.

    Christina, thanks so much for saying hi! It’s been a joy to read about your container designs and design sensibility…

    Joe, what a pleasure to see you here! Thanks for letting me know more podcasts are coming soon. That is awesome news. I have a load of compost to shovel today so I suspect I’ll be going through them quite quickly! I love that you’re making your episodes widely available through other channels than just TV. Keep up the great work!