Lost Coast Daily Painters

Amy Stewart's hen Eleanor, my very own piece of art

Many gardeners are also fans of art, and it makes sense – what is gardening if not the pursuit of beauty?

So you might be interested to know that local garden writer Amy Stewart has started Lost Coast Daily Painters with other local artists, including Susan Fox of the garden blog Digging Dow’s Prairie.

They paint a number of subjects, mostly taking inspiration from the natural world, and sell their art very inexpensively on Ebay with bids often starting at .99! I think of art as being often expensive and inaccessible, but this is art that anyone can afford, and yes, it is gorgeous.

I recently bought a painting of Amy Stewart’s hen Eleanor, which I have up in my office now. The quality is wonderful and I just love having such a big personality gracing my humble walls. Next for me? One of Rachel Schleuter’s cat paintings.

The ladies were recently featured in the Times-Standard for their painting expedition to catch the blooming Lupines. Head on over to Lost Coast Daily Painters to see the results of that trip and the rest of what they’re working on.