Monday Miscellany: Garden Video Edition

YouTube’s always been cool for us gardeners. Where else can you find gardening tutorials, product reviews, and adorable animal videos all in one place? This week, I’ve got a few favorites to share.

Billy Goodnick, the Garden Wise Guy,  cheers us up with his adorable music video about getting rid of lawns. Yes, people, I have been singing “takin’ out the grass is a gas, oh can you feel it?” all. Flipping. Day. Thank you, Billy. I needed something to get the latest Ke$ha song out of my head.

Next up, Pogo, known for making music videos of movie scenes (this is my favorite), honors his mom’s love of gardening with Gardyn:


Last, Joseph of Greensparrow Gardens, most recently popular for his video bemoaning all the recent plant name changes, charms us again with a movie preview for Spring 2011:


Got any YouTube favorites to share? Let me know in the comments below!

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