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  • Gen X and Y Gardeners – Can We Quit Worrying About This, Please?

    Every year or two, some horticultural marketing team gets a buzzing insect in its collective shorts about Gen X and Y and how we aren’t gardening enough. The subtext is that gardening is a boomer activity and that at some scary date in the future, we will be left with no gardeners at all because […]

  • Regional Flair: Bring it Home With Native Plants

    ***This is a bit of a local rant, but I do have a point that relates to designers and anyone who expresses themselves artistically in the garden.*** I’m lucky: my college town’s somehow managed to stay funky, cool, small and walkable, and above all, different from any other town in the world. Because us Arcata […]

  • Why I Hate Landscape Fabric: An Unfair and Unbalanced Look at Weed Cloth

    Why I Hate Landscape Fabric: An Unfair and Unbalanced Look at Weed Cloth

    The other day I wrote up a post about how to use landscape fabric without screwing it up. Previously I’d written about when using landscape fabric is a good idea and when it’s not.┬áSometimes I try to be fair and balanced on an issue so I don’t sound like some kind of gardening zealot. Today […]

  • Duh-sign Award Winner: Seriously, ASLA?

    The American Society of Landscape Architects announced this 2010 Honor Award winner recently, and I was really shocked to see it. It’s a concrete and granite playscape perfectly designed for maximum head injury. Anyone who’s ever been around kids knows that expecting them to play carefully and with grace is like expecting a kangaroo to […]

  • When Your Garden Isn’t Going Right…

    The most common reason I’m called in as a garden coach is that the person I’m meeting with needs an outside perspective. It’s really, really hard to evaluate our homes and gardens from a logical, clear place in our minds and hearts. Sometimes, we’ve had arguments with our spouse or kids about what we’ll do […]

  • How Fabulous, Interesting and Unusual Plants Keep People From Becoming Gardeners

    Was reading a post over at The Blogging Nurseryman where Trey discusses what gardeners really want to see in independent garden centers. (Go read it, I’ll wait. You don’t want to miss Amy Stewart‘s rant on the topic.) She brought up that Garden Rant’s reader survey indicated overwhelmingly that passionate gardeners want to see more […]

  • Should Plant Nurseries Offer a Guarantee on Plants?

    I read an interesting post from my friend Debbie Roberts in Connecticut about her experience with a nursery that did not offer a guarantee on perennials, and it really made me think about the business of plant selling, how much responsibility us gardeners should take when we buy a plant, and whether offering guarantees on […]