Monday Miscellany: The Drunken Botanist, Organic Eggs, Top Perennials, Garden Eyesores, and Free Reading


Lots of great discoveries around the web this week! The Drunken Botanist First up, Amy Stewart launched the website for her new book, The Drunken Botanist. I for one cannot WAIT for the book to drop, but since that’s still a year off, we shall have to console ourselves with the columns she’s been writing […]

Monday Miscellany: Pacific Northwest Plants, Homemade Deer Deterrent, Book Rec’s, and MORE Garden Cocktails


Great Plant Picks This week I’ve re-discovered a fantastic resource for Pacific Northwest Gardeners: Great Plant Picks. Plant info online can be hard to rely on – either nurseries are stretching the zones and touting a plant’s greatness so they can sell more of them, or home gardeners are giving anecdotal information that is useful, […]

Best of the Web: Focal Points, Garden Tours, and Houseplants for the Coming Zombie Apocalypse


I’ve seen so many great articles this week that I had to share them with you all. I’ve been out in the garden, trying out some new tools, listening to a delightful new audiobook and enjoying (finally!) a bit of sunshine to garden in. While I’ve been outside, everyone else has been posting some great […]

Heather and Heath Fans: Free E-Books from the Heather Society!


Besides the Timber Press book Gardening with Hardy Heathers by Wulff and Small, my favorite heather resources have been two slender booklets published by the International Heather Society and given to me by our local Heather guru Maria Krenek. The books are about how to care for and grow heathers successfully, and which heathers they […]