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  • 2012 Garden Trends: What the Cool Kids are Planting This Year

    I have a weakness for all the trend reports that come out at the start of each new year. While I have my own ideas about what’s going to be hot, I love to pore over these reports and alternately nod my head or think (hope!) the writer is crazy. Trend reports are a fun […]

  • Best of the Web: Focal Points, Garden Tours, and Houseplants for the Coming Zombie Apocalypse

    I’ve seen so many great articles this week that I had to share them with you all. I’ve been out in the garden, trying out some new tools, listening to a delightful new audiobook and enjoying (finally!) a bit of sunshine to garden in. While I’ve been outside, everyone else has been posting some great […]

  • Wicked Plants Book Review (Video with Amy Stewart) Plus a Look Inside the Author’s Wicked Plants Garden

    I’m a huge fan of Amy Stewart, and I’ve read everything she’s written, including her bimonthly column in our local newspaper and her writing at Garden Rant, so I was thrilled when I heard about her latest book, Wicked Plants. I’m a professional gardener and a total plant geek, so reading all about the wicked […]

  • Wicked Plants: The Movie

    Update 1/8/09 – Amy just posted more about the making of this movie over on Garden Rant. Check it out! Amy Stewart is one of my very favorite garden writers. I mean, who wouldn’t love someone who wrote a WHOLE BOOK about earthworms, and managed to make it good, too? Then Flower Confidential: all the […]

  • World’s First Blue Rose is Created

    Suntory, a Japanese Whiskey Distiller, has used genetic engineering to create the impossible – the world’s first blue rose. Blue roses have a number of legends and meanings attributed to them – they are said to grant the owner youth, to show hope against unattainable love, and to signify a sense of fantasy if given […]

  • Switzerland Places Ban on Humiliation of Plants

    If it means I don’t have to look at any more poodled junipers, I’m all for it: Switzerland places ban on humiliation of plants. Fans of Plant Amnesty’s horrible pruning gallery will doubtless be disappointed to find that Switzerland, at least, won’t be contributing photos anytime soon. A law’s been amended to state that vegetation […]