Monday Miscellany: Drunken Fried Apple Products, Forcing Bulbs, and more

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The latest and greatest from around the web. . . curated by North Coast Gardening. Drunken. Apple. Fritters. Yeah. The Prudent Garden has a tutorial and recipe up on making these delicious lumps of heavenly goodness. Go, eat, be happy. Your diet can start again tomorrow. (A non-alcoholic version from Julie’s Garden Delights here). How […]

The Clarington Forge Rubber Rake: The Coolest Tool You Never Knew You Needed


Sometimes you come across a tool that solves so many problems you wonder how you went so long without hearing about it. The Clarington Forge rubber rake is one of those tools. “A rubber rake?” I hear you asking incredulously. “Really? WTF?” I’ll forgive you for asking, because if you remember our review of the […]

Fall Garden Tasks in the Pacific Northwest


This time of year, my landscape maintenance company is busy as anything, pruning and helping all the gardens recover from months of wild blooming abandon. While a lot of what we’re doing right now is pruning to keep things at the right size in relation to their surroundings (we don’t want the plants leaning boorishly […]

Fall Leaf Raking: Finding the Middle Ground

Fall Leaf Raking

All gardeners evolve. There is something about being outside and working hard in nature that inspires learning and growth. The issue of fall leaves is one I’ve been struggling with lately. Last year I wrote about why you shouldn’t let your fall leaves stay, and all of those reasons are still true, but… This year […]

Monday Miscellany: Pruners, Leaf Litter, and Attracting Pollinators


Was absolutely delighted to get this awesome comment from Heuchera on my Hand Pruner Showdown post comparing the different types of pruning shears: Recently I lost my old Felcos and needed to find a new pair. I had owned a different model, so I decided to research the web to see if the No. 2?s […]

How to Prune Sedum ‘Autumn Joy’ (Video Tutorial)

Sedum ‘Autumn Joy’ is a true garden classic, especially paired with ornamental grasses, lavenders and colorful sages. It’s particularly great because during the summer when everything else is blooming, its greenish-white buds are getting bigger and bigger, creating a subtly beautiful show, then as everything else slows for the fall, ‘Autumn Joy’ bursts into bloom […]

Your Gardening Body: How to Rake and Sweep Without Strain or Pain

Anne Asher, a movement specialist from The MOVE! Blog,  has been kind enough to answer some common questions about how professional and/or passionate gardeners can reduce the strain that comes from repetitive gardening tasks. Here’s this month’s installment: Dear Anne, By November, fall leaves are piling up around perennials and shrubs. I like to rake […]

Fall Color Container Planting Idea

A client came up with this pretty container planting idea for summer and fall. The spiky Phormium/ Flax Grass makes a vivid centerpiece, then she used red Coleus and orange Impatiens to pick up on the Flax’s colored stripes. Last, she used some purple trailing Petunias to cool down the combination and spill over the […]