Pastels on the Plaza 2011


Had the honor recently of participating in a local event, Pastels on the Plaza, which pairs artists and local businesses for a morning of fun, debauchery, and pastel chalk up one’s snoot. All in the name of charity, of course. Each business purchases a sidewalk square on Arcata’s plaza, and our artists come up with […]

Gardening Under Redwoods: Dealing With Dry Shade, Acidic Soil, and Root Competition

gardening under the redwoods

Humboldt County’s known for its majestic redwoods, and many of the gardens that I design and care for have a few towering specimens setting the scene. But lovely though they are, gardening under redwoods presents some serious challenges. Shade For one, redwood trees cast some fairly dense shade. This isn’t such an issue if you […]

Lost Coast Daily Painters

Many gardeners are also fans of art, and it makes sense – what is gardening if not the pursuit of beauty? So you might be interested to know that local garden writer Amy Stewart has started Lost Coast Daily Painters with other local artists, including Susan Fox of the garden blog Digging Dow’s Prairie. They […]