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  • Planting in Tight Spaces with Smart Pots

    Recently I had a client who wanted some plants tucked behind her waterfall. The waterfall had been built right up against her fence, so there was no real planting area – you can’t just pile up soil against a fence, of course. Enter the Smart Pots. Because the spaces were so cramped and oddly-shaped, there […]

  • Greenland Gardener Wall Garden Kit

    If you’ve read Susan Morrison and Rebecca Sweet’s book Garden Up! about vertical gardening, you’ve seen the drool-worthy photos of succulent walls. You might have even thought about getting one of those flat wooden frames to make one of your own. The problem with so many of those succulent wall frames is they require patience, […]

  • Eartheasy Raised Beds

    When I got an email from Eartheasy offering a cool wooden raised bed kit to try out, I was suspicious of their claims. Takes less than five minutes to put together? Easy to assemble? Um, not for me. I’m, like, DIY-challenged or something. I can’t even hit a nail properly. So Amy Stewart of Garden […]

  • Seed-Starting Success Will Be Mine! SonnyLight LED Kitchen Garden

    ***SonnyLight LED Kitchen Garden giveaway below; a $299 value!*** EDIT: Tropaeolum won! Congrats, and enjoy your new SonnyLight LED! I haven’t had the best of luck with seed-starting in the past. Actually, let me rephrase that. I am a seed-starting loser. Before now, every attempt at seed-starting has resulted in most of my seeds not […]

  • The Fiskars UpRoot Weeder: An Organic Way of Getting Dandelions Out of Your Lawn and Garden

    When I heard about this tool, I knew I had to have one. As an organic gardener, I find it extremely hard to keep dandelions out of the lawn. The herbicides that can be used in lawns are so nasty that I can’t bring myself to use them. But the constant up and down, bending […]

  • Fiskars PowerGear Lopper: Video Review In Which The Buddleja Gets It

    Ever since a Buddleja gave me a six-month long sinus infection a couple years back, I’ve taken every possible opportunity to convince people to kill the darn things. After all, they’re invasive in my county as well as in parts of Oregon and Washington, and yeah – if you’ve ever stood beneath one and tried […]

  • Fiskars PowerGear Pruning Shear: Rolling Handle Pruners That Don’t Kill Your Pocketbook

    One of my most popular posts has been a Hand Pruner Showdown in which I compared and contrasted Felcos, Coronas, and Bahcos. One of the first comments on that post was a Fiskars fan, saying essentially – “OMG! Try the Fiskars pruners – they’re inexpensive AND ergonomic”. And so they are! Now that I’ve tried […]

  • Fiskars Cuts + More Scissors: For Gardeners Who Enjoy a Cocktail

    Even in winter, at a certain hour of the evening I feel drawn to the garden to check on things and putter about, snipping a few stems of chard and some herbs for dinner, watering this, weeding that. There’s very little that could improve a peaceful half hour of puttering in the garden. You know […]

  • Clarington Forge Wizard Rubber Rake: a Review

    “A rubber rake? Seriously?” That was Amy’s reaction when we opened the carton of English gardening tools from Clarington Forge. My reaction? “YES!!! IT’S A RUBBER RAKE!!!” I’d never seen a rubber rake before, but I was immediately taken with the idea. First off, normal metal rakes are LOUD. I remember as a teen getting […]

  • Haven Brand Manure Tea Bags (With Gratuitous Kitty Photos)

    Just two weeks ago I was lucky enough to win a package of NINE Manure Tea Bags from Annie Haven (@GreenSoil on Twitter). After enduring much teasing for my excited whooping, and days of terrible jokes from everyone I told, I got my parcel and ripped it open! About five minutes later, Mr. Orange saunters […]

  • Staying Warm While Winter Gardening

    It’s gettin’ cold out there, yet in my coastal climate, we garden all year round. After getting frostbitten toes one particularly nasty winter, I did some research to figure out how I could work outside even when it is C-H-I-L-L-Y out there! I share my tips in this video: Things mentioned in the video: Toasti-Toes […]