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  • The Professional Gardener’s Tool Box – Basic Hand Tools

    Most of the gardening that I do regularly, for clients and for myself, involves repetitive tasks. I spend most of my indoor gardening time thinking about the more artistic side of things – design, choosing plants, and artistic pruning – tasks that are unique to each space and plant. But outdoors, my time falls into […]

  • Radius GroundHog Rake: A Review in Photos

    A client recently gifted me with this fantastic new tool, and I wanted to share it with you all, because I could tell within a few minutes of use that it was going to replace my old-school iron bow rake. She had both the GroundHog and the Garden Shark rakes, and offered me  my choice. […]

  • Wicked Plants: The Movie

    Update 1/8/09 – Amy just posted more about the making of this movie over on Garden Rant. Check it out! Amy Stewart is one of my very favorite garden writers. I mean, who wouldn’t love someone who wrote a WHOLE BOOK about earthworms, and managed to make it good, too? Then Flower Confidential: all the […]

  • Last-Minute Gifts for Gardeners

    I don’t know about you, but the actual getting-gifts-for-people part of Christmas kind of crept up on me, and I’m scurrying to find or make just the right thing for everyone I love. Gardeners can be hard to shop for, because so many people give us gifts that look pretty, but aren’t really that useful […]

  • Sharpen Your Pruning Shears Fast and On The Go – Speedy Sharp Review

    Now I’ve raved about my beloved Bahco hand pruners to all who will listen, there is a small secret I have to keeping them and my other tools good and sharp. No it’s not an old-skool file like Grandpa used. I have a Speedy Sharp! A client gave me this fancy little thing and my […]

  • Bahco Pruning Shears; I’m a Raving Convert

    Now, I know pruning shears are a personal topic. Us gardeners have a weird loyalty thing going on with our shears. You want to make a pro mad? Tell them how much better your shear is than theirs. We got the Corona peeps in one corner, saying flatly, “I’m not paying $50 for pruning shears!” […]

  • The Nite Guard – for Deer Resistant Gardens

    Tried everything to keep the deer off your supposedly deer-resistant plantings (and off that rose you snuck into your bed in a weak moment!)? If you have deer, you know that most remedies aren’t all that effective, or they require so much, well, work, that it hardly seems worth it. Yes, we could be all […]

  • The Scarecrow – a Noisy Gust of Water Makes Your Garden Deer Resistant

    The Scarecrow is a clunky-looking, inconvenient, and very effective way to blast the deer away from your plants and make unsuspecting small children howl. You hook it up to a hose, set the stake in the ground with the sprinkler pointing out from your beds, turn on the water and stand back. Anything that activates […]