A Public Service Announcement From Your Cats

Please plant more grasses. They are excellent to gnaw on: kitty chomping carex by dichohecho   Great for playing hide-and-pounce: cats love ornamental grasses (2) assorted may 14 026 cats love ornamental grasses (1) And they provide the perfect vantage point from which to relax and survey our fine backyard: kitty in carex by wylie-young Also, once you fill our garden with grasses, you are not allowed to become cross with us for laying on them, even if a few blades get crushed. The grasses will recover; our injured dignity at being chided will not. Love, Your cats Photo credits: top kitty by dichohecho and last kitty by Wylie-Young. Middle kitty is my Tamir.


  1. says

    All of this: TRUE! Our kitties LOVE the grasses. I have a shorter Penisetum that’s next to the south side of the house. In the winter, Tinker Belle lays right in the middle of it, totally surrounded. It’s a cozy napping spot for her on a sunny afternoon!

    • says

      Awwww!! Love it, Kylee. My girl kitty rarely initiates sneak attacks on her brother, but there is something about the rustle of a grass that makes her feel extra feisty. Every time she goes out and sits under a grass, that tail starts twitching and nobody better walk by or they are getting some serious Matrix moves busted on them! Her brother, of course, loves the excuse to wrestle a bit.

  2. Christine O. says

    I love how your chickens are avid spectators! My cats and chickens get along quite well but my chickens love to eat the grasses, esp. the blue oat grass. :-)

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