Monday Miscellany: Valentine’s Cheer

While I’m no fan of the Hallmark holidays, which seem to have been manufactured into popularity by people wanting to sell us stuff, I am a fan of telling people I love them. And eating copious quantities of chocolate, of course.

Given that I also have a brand new pair of shockingly vivid fuchsia pants to wear, this Valentine’s is looking somewhat more exciting than previous renditions.

Whether you’re sharing in my joy or cursing yet another forced gift exchange, here’s some Valentine’s revelry to get you in the mood.

Plantable-Seed-Paper-Valentines-Day-Cards-DIY-Moose-mediumStevie over at Garden Therapy starts out this week’s awesomeness by sharing some great DIY plantable Valentine’s Day cards. If her moose-related love puns don’t get your beloved to crack a smile, then I’ve got no help for you.

I think my favorite thing about her tutorial is the way her seed slurry looks like a strawberry milkshake. Nom!

valentines-day_jpg_405x246_crop_upscale_q85Speaking of nom, Amy Stewart’s most recent Drunken Botanist column highlights a few excellent ideas for drinks. If you’re feeling a little irritated by the forced jollity of it all, a bright red fruity cocktail would be just the thing to lighten your spirits.

I’m going for the strawberries-and-pomegranate frippery of the Isn’t It Romantic? cocktail. Cheers!

Single this Valentine’s? No worries, Amanda of Kiss My Aster has the perfect pick-me-up for all of us ladies:

48 Ryan Gosling photo2 Ryan-ryan-gosling-1878137-1143-1650
hey_girl_1 42 Ryan Gosling picture

More Ryan Gosling here, here and here. Thanks Amanda!

Next up, Mary over at Black Walnut Dispatch mocks the HGTV-inspired idea of outdoor bedrooms by sharing four other concepts in outdoor sleeping gear. Her verdict? Great big garden FAIL. Apparently, the great indoors has its benefits.

Lastly, if you’ve left your Valentine’s planning to the last minute and need some fast ideas to get you out of the doghouse, here are a few picks:

My girl Nicky of Dirt and Martinis has terrarium fever, and gives some great how-to tips for making a cool one. You could stuff some moss in a brandy snifter with a card that says the real terrarium is on its way (Print out Nicky’s post to give the gift that added air of thoughtfulness!).

These moonlight globe lights would definitely bring an air of romance to the garden, and the fact that you’ve gotten something so unexpectedly cool would definitely get you off the hook for having it arrive a bit late. Win!

Or, you can pull a Ryan Gosling and give your beloved an online gift certificate to one of these fine seed catalog companies. Julie Moir Messervy Design Studios had everyone on staff weigh in with their faves. I was glad to see Renee’s Garden get a good shout out!

Happy Valentine’s to you all! I hope there are many fruity drinks and chocolate truffles in your near future.

9 responses to “Monday Miscellany: Valentine’s Cheer”

  1. Gen, thanks for including my plantable seed paper cards! The trickiest part is the keep the moose design hidden from my husband…only one more day to go. Perhaps I should have lead the tutorial with the bear, squirrel, or one of the others.

    And can I say that I so agree with you about Hallmark holidays. I hated the shopping for gifts part of these ‘special’ days but now my spirit joyfully renewed as with each holiday I make something new and fresh – so much fun!

    PS – so love Amanda’s “Hey Girls”. They crack me up.

    • Hi Stevie! My pleasure. Yeah, that moose is spectacular. I mean, the bear and squirrel are great, but anytime you can lead off with a brand new moose-related pun, you know you’ve got a winner. I love moose.

      I think you’re right on with finding homemade ways to celebrate. I’m so exhausted of “stuff”, and I don’t even eat most of the junk food they promote for these holidays. I saw a heart-shaped pizza the other day and was like – oh, perfect, I can spend my romantic holiday feeling ill. That’s just what I want.


  2. Great picks from around the net Gen! Amanda’s Ryan Gosling “Hey Girls” is hilarious – I laughed out loud. Oh, and that Nicky is a creative one with her found objects terrarium project. I’m all about shaking it up, so leave the bottle of wine on the shelf, and impress your valentine with a bright red, fruity cocktail.

    • I’m so with you, Jayme! Wine’s a weekly treat here, so unless we went for something more pricy it wouldn’t say “holiday” the way a fruity girly drink would. I am hoping Trevor feels the same way, though you know men and girly drinks. Sometimes they like to keep it simple.

      Amanda is such a rockstar. Bringing the Ryan Gosling meme to the garden world!

  3. Hi Gen!

    Thanks so much for sharing my “Terrarium Fever” post! There’s a lot of DIY terrarium projects out there, but the Roost terrariums that Jayme offers at http://www.aHaModernLiving are the crème de la crème of terrariums and are available at an outstanding price!

    Haha! I’m still laughing at the “Hey Girl” photos, hehehe!


    • I know, her terrariums are hot! When I go to the SF Garden Show I plan on picking up some air plants – then I can eye Jayme’s terrariums with a greater degree of seriousness. I have a vision of them planted up with happy air plants and maybe a pretty piece of wood.

  4. Gen, I love the idea of plantable cards and puns make them even better. I always like getting homemade items – way more heartfelt then store bought stuff. But what gardener wouldn’t love a gift certificate for some seeds – a great way to show the love all season long.