Bored of Your Winter View?

Perk things up this winter by adding some winter-interest plants, attracting birds, and creating colorful containers out of cut stems and evergreen boughs.

That’s my advice over at Landscaping Network, where I talk about some superstar plants and some non-intuitive ways of bringing birds to your winter garden. A special tip o’ the nib to Carole Brown, who graciously let me use her photos of birds enjoying her own wildlife garden to illustrate my post!

Then, over at Proven Winners, it’s all about planting beautiful plants that bring the birds flocking to your garden. Even if you’re not going outside much this winter, bird-watching can add an extra bit of joy to your garden from the windows.

Not in the Northwest? Check out my fellow Garden Gurus’ posts about winter interest in their regions:

Southeast- Carolyn Binder

Southwest – Jenny Peterson

Northeast – Laura Mathews

With more to come in the month ahead!

Lastly, check out Steve Asbell’s post on finding winter color for Florida. Strangely enough, most of his winter annual picks are the same ones I’d pick for my region! These tough annual flowers are a good for a variety of climates.

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