Workin’ Like a Pro: Gardening Tools I Adore Right Now

You all know I’m a bit of a tool evangelist. After having countless employees bust up inferior tools during our 40-hour workweeks in the garden, I do get a bit swoony about the tools that last.

But of course, merely surviving the garden isn’t good enough for pros. We do so much pruning, digging and planting that our tools need to be ergonomic and fun to use as well.

I just wrote my first column for about my top five tools of the moment. If you’re looking for great Christmas gifts for the gardener on your list (yes, people, Christmas is coming), or just needing to replace that old non-fun shovel you’ve been struggling with, go on over and check out my picks!

P.S. That shovel? It comes in PURPLE, too!


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      Rockin’! Yes, the shovel is my latest love. Should be shipping to the garden centers in a variety of colors for the Christmas season, so that is awesome. I am going to pester my local nurseries to order them so I can nab a purple one. I know it’s vain, but I LOVE having purple tools. Makes me very happy. Of course *ahem* function comes first.

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    The shovel also comes from Ann Arbor! (Well, OK, it probably comes from China, but Radius is based in my fair city.) Also love (LOVE) my hori hori. I’m not big into garden tools and I love that a hori hori replaces my hand trowel, hand weeder, and a any kind of sharp edge.

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      Oh, yay! I am so with you in loving the hori-hori, for the same reasons. Bulb planter, weeding tool, divider of plants, great for digging or planting small things, can weed in cracks. I’ve gotten rid of a number of tools because the hori-hori does the job for me.

  2. Rochelle says

    What a great article. As I have none of those tools, I think I’ll print out your article and use it for my Christmas wish list. Thanks!

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    Since you are a tool aficionado, can you recommend something for weeding? I know, mulch! But I mean before I mulch, or when I move plants and disturb the soil between plantings. I need something to kill tiny seedlings, in particular creeping charlie. At the garden center, they sold me a small rake-like device that is just not cutting it. thanks!

  4. Cherry says

    Well, you sure look like a pro. I actually have all of them, so I guess I aint far behind. And its a great feeling too. Aint it. Keep up the amazing work.

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