Variegated Rhododendrons Liven Up the Shade

My latest post over at the Christian Science Monitor garden blog Diggin’ It is about my favorite types of variegated rhododendrons. I’m lucky enough to have a rhododendron specialty nursery in my community, so in addition to the horrible, boring rhodies seen in parking lots, we also have access to some exotic varieties with glossy foliage, unusual flower colors, and of course variegation, which really brightens up a shady area.

Here are some photos to tease you…

Goldflimmer courtesy don wallace of STGRhododendron 'Superflimmer' courtesy don wallace of stgPresRoosevelt courtesy don wallace of STGVariegatedUnique courtesy don wallace of stg

From top: ‘Goldflimmer’, ‘Superflimmer’, ‘President Roosevelt’, and ‘Unique Variegated’. Photos courtesy Don Wallace of Singing Tree Gardens.

So, head on over to the Christian Science Monitor to read more about these tough woodland beauties!

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    Wow, that looks amazing! I especially like Goldflimmer, though I’m not sure I’d have the water to keep it happy… But you’re right, those are beautiful plants.

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    Thanks, Town Mouse! Goldflimmer’s my favorite as well – seems to fit into most any landscape scheme…

    I’m lucky in my climate – we do great rhododendrons here with little supplemental water and lots of mulch. Good moist climate. I think you’re right that you’re quite a bit dryer than I am up here! But you get to grow a lot of beauties that rot here… I was just reading your blog about a half hour ago and saw a few!!!

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