Monday Miscellany: Christian Science Monitor Edition

Yep, it’s that time of the week again. Cool stuff! From around the internet!

So, I’m one of the new garden bloggers for the Christian Science Monitor’s garden blog Diggin’ It. My first post went live last week, and since I’ve been paying attention, I’ve noticed a wide variety of seasonally-interesting posts from the other bloggers there in the last few weeks:

Alstroemeria The Third Harmonic photo courtesy Genevieve Schmidt

First off, my article about using oranges and ambers in the garden. Y’all know I have a thing for tropical colors lately, and what’s more cheering and tropical than orange? It’s definitely an effective antidote to our seemingly endless winter.

Next, Mary-Kate Mackey shares five great ideas from water garden designers. I love Mary-Kate’s eye for the practical and usable inspiration from the garden shows she’s visited recently.

Craig Summers Black has an easy way of planting potatoes. This is a trick all the pros know for planting bulbs and potatoes fast – you learn it on about your 300th bulb, if you’re anything like me, and you don’t go back.

Anne K Moore and Linda Weiss share growing tips as well as culinary uses for dill. I’m a sucker for a good deviled egg!

Christopher Weber talks about why school gardens actually matter, and what we can do to help.

Also, an update for Humboldt locals:

Our native plant society is hosting the biggest event of the year next weekend – a big spring wildflower plant sale and bash, with lots of great speakers, nature-inspired art, and um, the plant sale! I can’t wait to go buy up some groundcovers and wildflowers. Head on over to their website for details.

Then, College of the Redwoods is having their plant sale Friday and Saturday as well. Good prices and a wide variety of plants, according to Donna Brink, their nursery propagator. So, Yay! Head on out for your fill of veggies, annuals and others.


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    Gen, Congrats on the CSM gig. Do you ever slee? Between all your blogging efforts I’m amazed that you have time to actually design and maintain such lovely gardens.

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