Monday Miscellany: It’s Giveaway Week!

Yes, people, it’s that time.  I have a stash of incredibly awesome items that people have sent me to test out, and these kind people? They want to share the love with you, too!

This week I’ll be holding giveaways for bare root blueberries, a SonnyLight LED Kitchen Garden grow light (swoon!), Worm Power worm castings, bare root artichokes, and some sweet gear from Angela’s Garden. There may even be more! I need to rootle around.

Be sure to check in every day this week for a chance to win something new.

Now, on to our giveaway-related miscellaneous Monday items:

Jan Huston Doble, of Thanks for Today, is holding a giveaway to celebrate Earth Day, in which you can win 1 of 22 gardening items just by commenting. I probably shouldn’t be telling you about this, because I have my eye on those West County Gardener gloves, among other things. So, uh, if you win those, you need to tell me how you like them so I know if they’re cool!

Then, Peaceful Valley is holding a $200 gift card giveaway, good to use on their huge selection of bare root plants, organic products, and seeds. All you need to do is tell them your favorite part of gardening. I doubt any of you will find that too taxing!

Jenny Peterson is one of the new bloggers for Fifthroom Living, a lifestyle blog, and she alerted me to this contest to win $1000 from Fifthroom Markets by creating your own outdoor room garden plan. This one definitely requires some effort, so head over there quickly to see how to win.

Robin Horton over at Urban Gardens is giving away a Lechuza self-watering container to the winner of the Think Outside the Planter Box container gardening photo contest. Did you grow some beautiful containers last year? Send your photos in for some glory and a chance to win a cool prize!

Last but not least, Renee’s Garden has a kitty photo contest going on, which actually, none of you need bother enter, because I am going to win! Really people, have you seen how cute my kitties are? But hey, if you want to try to beat out Tamir and Mackerel, it’s your funeral. Just get some of Renee’s Garden kitty grass seeds, grow them, and snap a picture of your kitty enjoying the snack for a chance to win a $50 gift card to Renee’s. You’ve got till May 31st.

seed packets make good toys

That’s it for now!

Don’t forget to check back in every day this week for some new giveaways here on North Coast Gardening. You can also sign up here for email notifications of every new post.


  1. says

    Thanks Genevieve for giving a shout out to our Think Outside the Planter Box container garden photo contest. We have received some very interesting images so far, and with all the talent out there, I hope to get many more! Hint, hint…:-)

  2. says

    Thanks so much for promoting the Create Your Own Outdoor Fifthroom Photo contest happening on our facebook fan page!

    I think you’re right– no one could possibly beat your adorable kitties. So, everyone should probably just head over and enter our photo contest. =]

    Fifthroom Living

  3. theresa carrington says

    Hi Gen, was searching for info on how to sharpen my pruners because I’m tir ed of buying new ones every year and was directed to your video. I thoroughly enjoyed watching it. You were concise, succinct and easy to listen too. From there I started checking out some of your other video’s and ran into the blueberry info. I live in Providence, Rhode Island, on a small lot, have been gardening 18 years here and have always wanted to try growing blueberries but was afraid to try for lack of room for cross-pollinating. I would love to win a blueberry plant and try it in a container. I’m a big fan of earth and container gardening so this would be a blast for me. I’m glad I found this site today. You give a plethora of info!!! Thanks for all you do!

  4. says

    Hi Gen, thank you for including my giveaway in your amazing lineup! Wow, there are so many cool products out there to choose from. Now, I must get my kitty photo entered… (just kidding, I will hope yours wins the contest at Renee’s…she’s adorable)! Thanks again!

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