Monday Miscellany: Book Excerpt Week!

So many books are being published every day that it’s a little hard to sort through them all and decide which to read. While Book Review Week earlier this month was fun, I figured I’d follow it up with a week of book excerpts to help you get a feel for the style and content of some of my recent faves.

To start, we’ll get a look inside of Yes, You Can! And Freeze and Dry It, Too by Daniel Gasteiger. Daniel’s enthusiasm for his topic got me all fired up to try preserving some of my own garden’s bounty this summer.

Then, we’ll learn how Debra Lee Baldwin (Succulent Container Gardens) became so passionate about succulents, get a sense for Owen Dell’s humor in a piece from Sustainable Landscaping for Dummies,  follow that up with some down-to-earth gardening advice dished by gardening divas Jayme Jenkins and Billie Brownell of Garden Rules, and we’ll end the week with a thoughtful and in-depth discussion of lawn alternatives by Sue Reed (Energy-Wise Landscape Design).

Even better: I’ve got two of these books to give away! Check back this week to enter to win your own copies of Yes, You Can! and Garden Rules.

Speaking of giveaways, there’s still time to enter to win:

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