Haven Brand Manure Tea Bags (With Gratuitous Kitty Photos)

Just two weeks ago I was lucky enough to win a package of NINE Manure Tea Bags from Annie Haven (@GreenSoil on Twitter).

After enduring much teasing for my excited whooping, and days of terrible jokes from everyone I told, I got my parcel and ripped it open! About five minutes later, Mr. Orange saunters up and sits a foot away, trying to be good but unable to move his eyes from the tea bag:

Why, what is that

Well, perhaps he’ll check out that intriguing string…

It is most intriguing

That is a shockingly tasty string.


String dampened, he can now move on with his day.

Hmmm. Manure

I’ve got a tea bag soaking in a Tub Trug outside to help along my winter veggies and houseplants. I’ll report back once I get to use my Moo Poo Tea. Thanks Annie for a most thrilling prize!


  1. says

    Cats seem to think Moo Poo Tea is like Cat Nip or maybe it’s their first in counter with the scent of another animal : ) Either way your cat is beautiful, I’m pleased he approves of my Moo Poo Tea. I know your indoor and outdoor garden plants will too!

    Thank you for taking the time to share. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours


    • says

      Stanza, it shows my depraved nature that sniffing them was the first thing I did when they arrived. They didn’t smell like catnip. They also, surprisingly, did not smell like manure!

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