Plants to Love: Purple Pixie Hebe (Hebe ‘Mohawk’ or ‘Purple Pixie’)

Hebe 'Purple Pixie' or 'Mohawk'

This Hebe is a lovely little evergreen thing which gets to about 3’ around and blooms off and on a good part of the year. It takes shearing well and usually comes back well from hard pruning during the growing season, though I try to avoid pruning into the wood if I can avoid it.

It is not deer-resistant, but it will take strong winds and commercial landscape conditions well with little care. I think it’s such a cutie – I love it with ornamental grasses, Spireas,  Phormiums/ Flaxes, Heucheras, and Dietes/ Fortnight Lily. Full sun, as with all Hebes, USDA Zones 7/8-11.



  1. margaret phillips says

    Would like to know where we can buy Hebe purple pixie we live in oklahoma
    Thank you for your help

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