Heather and Heath Fans: Free E-Books from the Heather Society!

Besides the Timber Press book Gardening with Hardy Heathers by Wulff and Small, my favorite heather resources have been two slender booklets published by the International Heather Society and given to me by our local Heather guru Maria Krenek. The books are about how to care for and grow heathers successfully, and which heathers they recommend most.

Until now, ordering those books required getting in touch with the Brits and figuring out exchange rates and all of that… Kind of complicated for such tiny booklets!

Imagine my pleasure then to notice that they are now offering these booklets as free PDF downloads! You can read them online or save them to your computer to read or print out as you like.


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3 responses to “Heather and Heath Fans: Free E-Books from the Heather Society!”

  1. Hi Genevieve, I was surfing for heather and the attributes that each contain as I am designing a heather berm for my garden. I live in Oregon, so your comments that the plants are well suited for my PNW environment make me happy. I’ve not grown heather before, so I am finding your site quite helpful with the different varieties along with individual characteristics. Funny, my husband and his family are from Arcata, old timers, though now gone, we both have fond memories of the region and being close to the ocean. Thanks again for your site.