Video Review of Fiskars Powergear Hedging Shear

If you’ve hung around North Coast Gardening for any length of time, you know that I’m a sucker for tools that do multiple jobs well. This hedging shear is my go-to tool for cutting back perennials in fall and winter, pruning ornamental grasses and sword ferns in winter, and deadheading heathers and other plants that respond well to shearing. Yeah, you can also use it for hedging your boxwood into the shape of a rooster, if you wish. You gotta have a little fun in life, right? You can see how it works in this video: The best thing about the Fiskars Powergear Hedger is the metal used and the coating on the metal, both of which help the shears cut cleanly and stay sharp, and the gears that allow it to cut through much thicker stems than most pruning shears do (if you’ve tried using regular hedging shears to cut back perennials, you know it isn’t all that effective – the gear on this one makes all the difference!). Resources: Buy the Fiskars Hedging Shear at


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    I love Fiskars and this tool looks cool. I personally prefer the extra control I get from smaller hand-held pruners for things like lavender and heathers… even if it does take way more chops (ideal for me as home gardener, but probably not if I still had clients). You know, I think I can do 90% of all my gardening with three tools!
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    Perfect timing! I like to use “hedgers” the same way you do, but YOUR tool looks so superior to what I have. I think I’ll treat myself to these Fiskars soon so I’ll be ready for a more efficient spring clean-up. Thanks for the tip!

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    You have misled your readers.
    I purchased this product based on your recommendation and I am very unhappy with it.
    I tried to trim a small cedar hedge with it and it simply does not cut through fine foliage on a shrub or softbranches. This is a faulty product and I intend to report its shortcomings on my own blog.

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      Hi Allan,

      I am so sorry you didn’t like your shears! I am certainly not trying to mislead anyone – I have four pair of those shears (I have employees) and I just love them, mostly for trimming back perennials and grasses. I have never trimmed a cedar hedge with them so I can’t comment as to why it’s not working on your hedge. But it does work for me, for cutting back perennials and grasses, and heathers, boxwood, privet… those are just a few things I’ve pruned with mine in the past few months.

      If you bought the shears from my OpenSky shop, OpenSky has a one year return policy – they even pay return shipping. So if you did buy them from me, please return them, and I’m very sorry you don’t like them as much as I do!

      I’ll look forward to reading your blog post about it.

      Also – If you didn’t get the item from my shop, I believe Fiskars itself has a lifetime replacement policy. It is very odd to me that they aren’t cutting well. I wonder whether you got a faulty pair? If you didn’t buy from my OpenSky shop, you might try contacting fiskars and seeing what they think. They might be able to replace it with a new pair, if you can’t return them to where ever you bought them from.

  4. Susan Hirst says

    Hi Genevieve,
    I bought a pair of the Fiskars PowerGear Hedge Shears [ 9" blades ] as a result of watching Jan’e demonstration in the video. I must admit that I, like Allan, are disappointed in their performance. I agree with you that they cut through stiffer stems quite easily, but I want them for pruning the many, many ornamnetal grasses that I have [ such as Mexican feather Grass ] The grasses are mature and the blades of the grass simply lie flat between the blades of the shears. I find it very difficult to use theses shears for the grasses. i will try Allan’s route for satisfaction from Fiskars but since the shears are brand new, I wonder if they’re simply the wrong tool for the job – any suggestions ? Thank You, Susan

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      Hi Susan, yeah, I don’t prefer Fiskars for the fine-leaved plants. I find they work well for most ornamental grasses (carex, miscanthus, stipa gigantea, fountain grass) as well as for ferns, heathers and perennials, but for the really fine-leaved stuff, they don’t do the job. I don’t think they’re defective, they’re just not the right tool for very fine-leaved plants like that one specific stipa, or boxwood. I usually use Bahco hedgers for very fine work. I don’t think one pair of hedgers could do it all, because the thicker stuff that I value these hedgers for would quickly mess up a hedger meant for fine work. I hope that helps. There are a lot of very inexpensive hedgers out there that do a great job on fine work if that is your primary need.

  5. Susan Hirst says

    Hi Genevieve,

    Thanks for your response – I suspected that there’s nothing wrong with my Fiskars hedgers as they work for heavier stems. I’ve tried to find Bahco products where I live [ Victoria BC ] without any luck and I’m not keen to order tools online as I have larger hands and really want to be able to try them. Perhaps I’ll consult our Lee Valley Tools store and see if I can find something suitable.

    Thanks again – love your website !


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