Miller Farms Now Carries Bahco Pruning Shears!

UPDATE Dec 4th: Millers now also has Bahco loppers, hedging shears, a nifty and very slim little garden knife that would make an excellent stocking stuffer, and some other cool Bahco goodies. I am definitely going to be saving up and buying each of the new Bahco tools they have in the coming months, because if the quality on the other tools is anything like the quality of my Bahco pruners and saw, I am going to love the other tools with an undying passion. Go, check them out, and let me know what you think! If you’ve hung out around North Coast Gardening for a while you know I have a ridiculous love for Bahco hand pruners. I used Felcos for years, until a good friend gave me a pair of Bahcos for Christmas, saying I’d never go back. Man was he right! I pruned and pruned and pruned that first day with my Bahcos, because I could not believe how easily the blades cut and how nicely ergonomic everything was. I used to have wrist strain with my old Felco pruners, but since I started using Bahcos I haven’t had a problem once. They really are amazingly better. After a year or so of pestering my friends at Miller Farms Nursery, they finally started carrying my beloved pruners. I believe they are packaged so you can slip them out of the package to try, and I’d urge you to ask the staff if you may and compare them to your usual pruners. They are such a high-quality tool that I’m so happy to be spreading the word about them. Check out my review of Bahco Pruners versus Felco and Corona Hand Pruners, and go in to Miller Farms to see for yourself if you think they’re better, too.

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