Amy Stewart’s Wicked Plants Talk at Arcata’s Northtown Books

I had a blast recently seeing Amy Stewart speak in person at our local bookstore about her book, Wicked Plants. I’d seen her previously at our local garden show, but this was even cooler because the bookstore owner provided some wicked drinks for us all – gin and tonics using a fancy tonic water with quinine in it, and real, newly-legal absinthe.

I had about a finger and a half of absinthe, barely half a shot, and even after Amy’s hour-long talk and browsing the bookstore for some time after, I felt pleasantly warm from it. Amy points out that the reason absinthe made people so nutso was that the alcohol content was so high. Now they’ve discovered it doesn’t actually make you mad except in the way that overusing any alcohol does, it’s legal here in the US again.

Hope you enjoy the video, and if you’re ever in Arcata, be sure and stop by Northtown Books, Arcata’s awesome independent bookstore (they wrote about Wicked Plants here.). They always have great book recommendations and beautiful displays.

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