How to Treat Rose and Flower Pests Naturally: Intro

Roses can be tough to grow organically, because they’ve been so over-bred for their honking big flowers that often, breeders paid little attention to disease-resistance. So you end up with these great frankenflowers that look fantastic – until midsummer when the black spot, caterpillars, and aphids move in.

But – I admit it – I love roses too! There’s nothing like a deep red rose (grown from home, so it’s fragrant!) to mark a romantic occasion, or a spray of cheery pink roses tucked in a bouquet. So what’s a good organic gardener to do?

No worries, dude. While growing roses can be a pain because so many varieties do get insects and diseases, there are a number of very effective things you can do to prevent rose pests and treat them organically if they do arrive. These treatments work for other flowers that get diseases, too.

Click the links below to find out how to:

Prevent rose pests such as aphids and powdery mildew by using good preventive gardening practices.

Kill pests and eliminate diseases naturally using organic and biological (beast-eat-beast) controls.

Read about some sturdy, disease-resistant roses that will bloom well for you in the damp Pacific Northwest

Learn practical tips on how to love your garden as it is – bugs and all.


  1. joy@gardening says

    Yes, growing rose flowers in our garden could enliven our busy and stressful life by their aromatic scents, glow, beauty of color and texture! Add to that – flowers also attract colorful and friendly butterflies too! We can include “ rose flower gardening” as one of our hobbies. It’s relaxing, contemplating and not costly. Rose flowers only gives and gives . . . and all we just need is to take them, appreciate them, and flaunt them. We use them in the celebration
    of our family, friends or even our own birthdays, weddings, thanksgiving , graduation and even funeral service. We bring them to people who are sick. We give them to people we care and love. In our time of joy and sadness, rose flowers will always be there to enliven us.



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